Here's to strong women. May we know them.

May we be them...


Industry pioneer. Business woman. Fashion obsessed. City girl turned mountain mama.

And so much more…

You’ll never get to know everything about a person through a bio, but here’s the gist:

I hustled hard in the Windy City for 15+ years,

Sold over one million luxury items online as the founder of e-Drop Off and pioneered the luxury consignment industry, got to do some dope things in business, and then I chose to close my company & focus on motherhood and this site.

I value sharing opinions and experiences, supporting women, moments that make you feel alive, uniqueness, a killer pair of jeans, and will never say no to taking a picture.

May we raise them...


Big heart, bigger style. Free spirit. Preschooler by day, trendsetter by afternoon.

And I’m only getting started….

You can count my age on one hand, but don’t let that fool you – I’m know who I am.

I was named after Zelda Kaplan (yep, the one with the amazing style) and have been told I fully embody her spirit.

I’ve been putting together my outfits since I could stand, and usually that includes glitz, color and playfulness (I’m a kid after all!).

I love the camera, creating happiness wherever I go, using my imagination, and making friends.

And I might have had my mom help me with this bio…

Together we’ve created Glitter & Bubbles, a space to explore fashion, beauty, lifestyle & food. Whether independently or as one, we love sharing every color of our life, making things easier and way more fun.

You can see what we’ve done with X outlet here and X outlet here – pretty cool right?! Moms, women, and kids alike, we’re thrilled to have you here!

we’re often asked...

Where do you live?

In beautiful Aspen, Colorado. We moved from the Windy City of Chicago to the mountains in 2018 and while we love both places, the fresh air feels freaking awesome! (But can someone please Door Dash us deep dish soon?!)

Do brands soley work with you as a team?

Not necessarily! We’re flexible chicks. We’ve done collaborations together and separate and take pride in the fact that we offer both. Either way, we always bring our A game – which means creative, unique, and fun content to the project. Tell us what you need and let’s see if it’s a good fit!

What sizes are you both?

4 US in clothing, 9 US in shoes
5T in clothing, 11 in shoes

How old are you?

Um, ruuude! JK – I’m 37.
“Finally 5!”

Where have you been featured?

A lot of places! But some of the most memorable: Crate and Barrel Catalog, Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine, Glitter Guide, Windy City Live. I’ve appeared on The Today Show, The Steve Harvey Show, Entertainment Tonight, and starred in my own reality series on VH1 “House of Consignment” (talk about a trip!).

What did you do before Glitter & Bubbles?

You mean in the PI (pre-Instagram) dinosaur days?! 😉 Well, I pioneered the luxury consignment industry starting at age 22. I worked my ass off building my company E Drop-off for 15 years, sold over a million items online, worked alongside tremendous talent, and then said #bye to it all for a chance to reflect and create.

Glitter & Bubbles came alongside a major shift I made as a mother once Zelda was born. We started documenting all the craziness that is mom-daughter life and I slowly transitioned from business owner to blogger – and guys, it’s been awesome! Currently, life is a wild mix of creating content, being the best freaking mom/friend/daughter/wife I can be, and sharing style, recipes, DIYs, real-life advice, and WAY MORE. We’re glad you’re here!

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