Dad’s A Star: Father’s Day X UrLife Media

We're only about a week out from Father’s Day, which means it’s time to figure out something freaking cool for the dads in your life. And if you have zero idea what to get your guy or dad, this post is for you. You can thank me later!

The Coolest Kids Summer Hair Products

Summer is obviously one of my favorite seasons because Chicago becomes unfrozen and it's the season we all live here for. It's a time to relax, let loose, and have fun. And as a kid, we can all remember that summer vacations are literally the time of your life. It's also a time that I let Zelda have extra fun …

How to Find Money in Unusual Places with Country Financial

I'm just going to come out and say it - kids are freaking expensive. They're amazing, but boy do they cost a lot. And this is coming from a mom of one, so I'm sure you mamas with multiples are nodding your head double time. With an only child, I've definitely been guilty of giving in to whatever Zelda wants …

How to Navigate a Business Tragedy

Growing up, my mom wasn't too strict, but she was an absolute stickler about teaching us one thing when it came to bills: always pay for insurance! That probably seems like an odd thing to instill in your child, but hey, it was her thing. She would say it was the most important bill in the house. "Because …

How to Find Your Perfect Tan Without the Sun

Raise your hand if you remember the glorious days of lathering up with as much baby oil as humanly possible and laying in your parent's yard with a Playboy bunny sticker somewhere near your bikini bottoms. (Raising my hand over here, both of them actually.) Because I was all about that life throughout my teenage years. I grew up …

7 Beauty Products I Used Until the Very End

If you’re a woman, you’re probably aware that the world of beauty can be extremely overwhelming. There’s a million products for everything and then there’s the products for things you didn’t even know existed. It’s just this really slippery slope that can easily take over your life.

Let’s Get To Know One Another: A Client Story You Never Thought You Would Hear

Ok you guys, I’m really excited to do this post and kick off a new series. I kind of had this ah-ha moment this morning and realized I really want you all to know me better. I want to use this platform to share who I am and my experiences. As I had this realization this morning, my mind started to …

Talk to Them Early & Often: How to Address Sexual Assault

Today’s post isn’t easy or fun, but I just feel compelled to start a conversation and do what I can to not only protect my daughter, but any parent or child who needs support and guidance on this extremely difficult topic. April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month and there was a stat I read recently that 93% of victims know their …

How to Handle a Medical Emergency Abroad

As you guys might have seen, the whole family took a trip to Punta Cana back in March. I’d been dying to go to this part of the Dominican Republic for a while, so when Spiro suggested we go to kick off spring, you know I was down. We packed up Zelda and headed south for

The Ultimate Kid-Friendly Las Vegas Travel Guide

For as long as I can remember, I've loved Vegas. I mean, who doesn't? The people watching is unlike anywhere else, you can find phenomenal food at any hour, let loose, lay by the pool most months of the year, see amazing shows, and obviously be entertained the entire time. It's a city that quite literally never sleeps …
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