If you have a little girl in your life who deserves special something come February 14th, you’re definitely in the right place. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so I wanted to put together a special gift guide with all of Zelda’s favorite things. These are all items Zelda loves and I feel pretty confident that if she could write this post herself, she would recommend all of them. Let’s be honest, the girl knows what she wants and she usually lets me know. I hope you find something for the little princess in your life that lights her up this Valentine’s Day!

1. My Little Pony Makeup Set: Zelda has been very into makeup lately so I ordered her her own mini makeup set. It’s a rainbow of colors, which makes it fun to see what look she winds up with after she’s done glamming. Highly recommend!

Zelda's Valentine's Day Gift Guide on Glitter and Bubbles.

2. Lola + The Boys Sequin Unicorn Bomber Jacket: Lola of Lola and The Boys is one of Zelda’s real-life BFFs so I had to include this adorable Lola and The Boys sequin unicorn bomber jacket. Any girl will be instantly obsessed!

3. Heart Umbrella: This is a fun umbrella not only for Valentine’s Day but year round. It’s just cute and adds a little bit of love to your kids’ everyday style.

Zelda of Glitter and Bubbles sits on an inflatable snow toy.

4. Heart Sunglasses: These glasses come in under $10 and are a guaranteed hit. They come in tons and tons of colors and could be very fun for a little mommy and me photoshoot.

5. Hello Kitty Instant Camera: One of Zelda and I’s favorite things to do is shoot photos on an Instax camera. Shocking? Probably not. I love to show Zelda how to use the camera (make sure to do this before setting your kids loose) and then letting her go on a little adventure while taking photos. It’s just a bonus the camera comes decked out Hello Kitty style.

Zelda plays on her funboy snow tube.

6. In Bloom Book Collection: This is a gift that will keep on giving for years to come. With classic titles like A Little Princess and Heidi your daughter will love these beautiful books forever.

7. Funboy Inflatable Snowmobile: This is for everyone living somewhere with snow right now. It’s such a fun take on a traditional sled. Plus, it’s very well made and you can ride on it together so Zelda and I both have been loving it this winter season.

Zelda of Glitter and Bubbles plays outside in the snow in Aspen.

8. Jewelry Box with Polished Heart Inside: For some reason this idea kind of tugs on my heartstrings. The beautiful jewelry box is such a cute find that you can fill with candy or costume jewelry, but I really love the rose quartz polished hearts for an extra sweet treasure.

9. Dr. Marten Pink Glitter Boots: It’s a known fact around our house that Zelda loves her Dr. Marten pink glitter boots. They’re virtually indestructible and perfect for winter. And, who doesn’t need a glitter boot in their life? TIP: buy a half size up so they still fit, but give room to grow.

Zelda of Glitter and Bubbles plays in a sequin bomber jacket.

10. Valentine Balloons: Every child I’ve ever met loves balloons. If I did these for Zelda (she loves a good balloon, you should see her 4th birthday post), I’d either blow them up in the morning before breakfast or surprise her with them when she comes home from school. Either way, it’s a fun way to get kids excited about the holiday. And don’t forget to grab this helium tank for easy inflating.

Hopefully you feel inspired by these 10 ideas to get something extra special for the little girls in your life! Happy Valentine’s Day!