This was Zelda’s first Easter, so we were not only excited for the holiday, but also for the start of many traditions that we’re going to share with her!
I had to keep in mind that the basket I had to create was for an 8 month old. When kids are as young as she is, you have to keep them as the focus and not get swept up in it all, which can be a little bit easier said than done! It’s so fun to shop for it all, it’s really difficult not to get excited about it and go overboard! With that being said, I made sure not to be excessive.
I was not expecting much of a reaction out of her in regards to her basket anyway. However, I was pleasantly surprised that when she saw the basket, she began clapping! We spent the next two hours sprawled out on the floor, examining each individual item in detail, and when she was done, she’d put it back in the basket and move onto the next one!
Of course there wasn’t any candy, so we got her things that she can use and grow into as time goes on. There were some great personalized pieces that came from Psychobaby (we’re really loving the Digi Rainbow print!), some books, a little personalized bracelet, some bubbles (I will advise against the colored bubbles, they stained and made a big mess!), and empty Hello Kitty eggs all packed into her Land of Nod basket.
I loved this basket because I knew it would be useful after the holiday was over, and it was! It’s now holding her books in the living room. Oh, and how could I forget the Disney Junior DJ Shuffle featuring the Doc McStuffins theme song!?
After the basket opening ceremony, we went to brunch with my family, and after that we spent the rest of the day outside. Zelda sat in the park in her white jumpsuit and played in the dirt (like a little kid should!) and we enjoyed the spring weather.
Since Zelda is half Greek, this coming weekend we will be celebrating Orthodox Easter. I’ve been doing some thinking about how we’ll do the double holidays as she grows up, and I’m thinking for Orthodox Easter and Christmas, we’re going to make those about giving back.
That way there isn’t the excessiveness of another day of gifts. Maybe for Easter we’ll make baskets and donate them, and for Christmas, who knows? We can see what a good fit is and what she likes as she gets older! Do you and your little ones do anything to give back around the holidays?