When I started to browse for what I wanted for Zelda’s birthday party, I quickly realized that party supplies can get unreasonably expensive, really quickly. Luckily, I had started planning the party far enough in advance, so I was able to decide that it would be effective to just DIY the details, and it was so much fun! I bought my materials, and at my own pace created many of the little things that made Zelda’s day magical, and I was so happy with the results!
As with any party, inviting the guests was first! We had Zelda’s invitations printed, popped them inside a plastic pillow box, and then came the fun part – confetti! We love the confetti you can get on Etsy, there are so many fun options to choose from to make any invitation extra special. But, if you’re in the market for custom confetti, Confetti Bar is the way to go!
Once the invites were assembled we strategically placed Washi tape on the oversized envelopes, beautifully penned the addresses, and sent them on their way. We wanted everyone to be super excited when they received this invitation in the mail (and we think we achieved our goal!).
I was so happy that I was able to find plastic animals at the Dollar Tree, and I immediately knew what I was going to do with them! I took them outside and spray painted them – first the gold and then the pink. I sprayed one side at a time, allowing them to dry for 5 minutes or so per side.
Once both sides were done, I stood them up and sprayed the tops, and any little crevices that needed touching up. They added such a magical feel to the tablescapes, and made perfect balloon weights!
Next on the agenda was spelling out Zelda’s name with balloons – I felt like this officially made the party hers! To make it really stand out we filled these balloons with air and strung them along the ties from the helium filled balloons to make the letters float in the middle. We secured the balloon ties to the painted animals, and lined them up right in front of the window! This awesome display became the focal point of the room.
The last DIY on the agenda was the one that took the longest, but was totally worth it! To make the tassels that were hung throughout her party we started by cutting the ends of different colored tissue paper into ¼ inch wide strips. Next, we rolled up the paper (so that the fringe strips are on each side) and bent the rolled paper in half.
We then placed the center section over a small piece of a straw and turned the straw to twist the paper together. After that, we removed the straw and fed the tassels through the twine, and hung them up!
When you’re DIYing any party it is important to remember that it’s all in the details! These are the things that made Zelda’s party extra special. From the mini pinwheels that kid-a-fied the vases and the signature gold stickers on the crowns, to the bubble machines and kiddie cups that spill proofed the afternoon (and made for an awesome takeaway), right down to the end with the custom “Zelda’s Crew” Zazzle t-shirts that all the littles left with, Zelda’s 1st birthday was truly magical!
Have you DIY’d a party for your little? We’d love to hear about it! Tell us about your babe’s special day by commenting below.