Zelda’s taken notice of the yorkies for quite some time now, but it’s only in the past few weeks that she’s begun to understand just how fun (and funny!) Harley is! Especially when he wants to play, which is basically all the time!
She’s grasped the idea of throwing the toy for him, which thrills him and it brings her just as much joy, and is evidenced by her belly laughs each and every time! I couldn’t be happier they all get along, and Harley is happy he has someone to tirelessly play with (he taps out before she does!). Wait until she can walk, he doesn’t know what he’s in for!
I thought this puppy shirt was just so sweet, and perfect to show off the love she has for pups! I’m a big fan of little bloomer shorts for Z, they’re ridiculously adorable and super comfy for her. The girly bow accents sold me on these! One of Zelda’s summer essentials is her Moderne Child retro sunnies, they sure do get a lot of love! I couldn’t resist showing off some of our Dylan’s Candy Bar treats, I’m still munching on them, and they just make me happy!