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Sunday was truly a magical day! Though Monday was Zelda’s actual birthday, we celebrated with a colorful fete the day before. Debi Lilly’s beautiful DL Loft was transformed with an explosion of color in the way of balloons, tassels and garlands, and that was just the interior!
Outside on the patio we added several inflatable kiddie pools for the littles, which could not have been more appropriate for the sweltering weather the day brought! Adding another layer of whimsy to the outside patio were the bubble machines, which the kids went crazy for!
For lunch we went with something we knew would be a hit- Greek food! We brought in gyros, village salad, pistachio and more from Greektown favorite Greek Islands. Guests mingled and ate for a bit, and about an hour into the party I arranged for Zelda’s favorite musical performer to play a set, Mr. Singer! The look on her face was priceless, she couldn’t believe that he was there! She clapped and watched his whole set without moving an inch.
After Mr. Singer’s set everybody dried off and recharged with a juicebox, then made their way inside for the cake cutting. Her cake was decorated to fit the theme of her party, loads of color! The vanilla and fruit-filled cake was made by Sugar Hills Bakery, and was delicious. When everyone had a little cake the festivities continued with some more pool time and fun in the sun.
By the end of the party my babe was all partied out, but oh so happy! The smile she wore all day long made the party prep worth every ounce of work, and I would do it all again for her.
Photo Credit: You  Me Photography // Olive & Honey Photography