Every parent knows the struggle of finding fun, creative activities to keep your kids occupied during the wintertime. Most of the country is blanketed in either a cold freeze, snow, or both if you’re really unlucky. This really limits the options you have for getting out of the house.
When you’re racking your brain for something that will peel them (and yourself) away from Doc McStuffins for a few hours, high tea is probably not something you would think to add to the list. It definitely wasn’t on my list, that is until a girlfriend invited me to The Langham last week for just that, and of course I had to bring Zelda.
I know what is probably running through your head right now, that high tea is not something kids would enjoy or even necessarily have a place at. I was so happy to learn that The Langham could not make it more welcoming to children. Zelda was greeted with a beautiful houndstooth bear (that she has become obsessed with), and enjoyed looking at the children’s menu, which is printed on old copies of Dr. Seuss classics!
So add high tea at The Langham to your winter must-do list! It’s a wonderful kid friendly option, and did I mention that you will absolutely love it too?! I went twice last week, I’m officially obsessed. I love that this is going to be an activity Zelda and I share as time goes on.