Zelda Kaplan
After discovering Zelda Kaplan and her eccentric energy several years ago I always knew that when/if I had a daughter her name would be Zelda. With a zest for life and a unique contagious energy, who wouldn’t want their child to inherit the same? So yes… my daughter is named after a New York socialite.
“So many young people are so afraid of becoming old. I would like them to know that from someone who is ninety-four years young, it is fun to be old.”
-Zelda Kaplan
Known for her signature African ensembles, Zelda was “never interested in fashion”, she was all about showing off the beauty of the cloth. She fell in love with fabrics and patterns that she collected from remote African villages and turned them into her own designs. A huge advocate of women’s rights, she spoke out against the commonplace genital mutation administered to tribal women and educated them about birth control.
This NYC fixture had a true zest for life and could often be seen dancing at New York’s hottest clubs until closing time. In Zelda’s world, life only got better with age. In 2012, at the age of 95, Zelda died at New York Fashion Week (sitting in the front row), while viewing Joanna Mastroianni’s new collection (it is rumored that she was holding a glass of champagne in her hand). Zelda’s wonderful spirit and courageous attitude will never be forgotten.
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