It’s officially wedding season! It can seem like each trip to the mailbox means another invitation to add to the list, which for some of us can get quite lengthy. Save yourself a headache or two and get your babe outfitted for the fun now, this is definitely not something to wait on. It’s hard enough getting everyone to the fête in one piece! There are some excellent dress options for girls at a variety of price points, and boys have some great suit options as well. If your little dude already has a great go-to suit, maybe lighten things up with a linen or an unexpected hue.

And mama, don’t fall into the trap of buying a dress you may not wear again! You’re sure to find something you’ll love at Rent the Runway, they have a TON of beautiful options and the process is a breeze. I’ve pulled some of my current favorites below to get you started!

This post by Glitter and Bubbles shows wedding fashion for children and moms.


GIRLS: Lemon Print Dress // Pink Dress // Chevron Dress // Pop Art Dress // Floral Print Dress

BOYS: 2-Piece Suit // Bow-Tie Onsie // Khaki 4-Piece Suit // Navy & Khaki 4-Piece Suit

MOMS: Crisp Bloom Dress // Graphic Zain Dress // Pastel Petunia Gown // Sama Gown