You’ve likely noticed a lot of print mixing lately, maybe it was in the pages of your favorite magazine or blog, or perhaps you saw someone on the street pull it off. If you’ve ever envied that look but had no clue how to go about it, (it does seem daunting at first!) I have some ideas to help you work it into your rotation, at all levels.
Shop: J.W. Anderson // Chic Wish // Gap // W118 by Walter Baker Ryan

Pick your favorite color family– whether it be neutrals, blush tones, bright blues, or fierce reds– and build your pattern story around it by picking pieces in that particular family.  If blush tones are your go to– try mixing a pretty pink floral print with blush polka dots. These will seamlessly flow together because their color family weaves the pieces together.
Avoid clashing colors! Mixing your prints together can easily go awry if you aren’t always aware of the color relationships between pieces. Choosing colors that complement each other will help create an effortlessly chic look– not a look that screams, “I totally got dressed in the dark this morning.”
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Mismatching patterns creates a super cool look, but can be daunting. Choosing prints in black and white is a foolproof way to ease yourself into mixing prints. Choose pieces that are purely black and white to mix, like a black and white striped top with a black and white watercolor print skirt.
Creating a dual-chromatic look minimizes any conflict in the color and pattern department, so you’ll walk outside looking extra chic. Plus, black and white looks are really on trend right now, so you’ll be stepping up your fashion game when you mix prints!
Shop: River Island // Topshop // Maje Fernando // J.Crew // River Island

Introducing a new print into your wardrobe on its own can make any woman nervous– but fashion is all about taking those risks! Bring in a print you’ve always been too scared to wear and pair it with your favorite solid piece. By adding the new, you’re reinventing your old piece and easing out of your comfort zone!