A daily makeup routine can often feel boring. It’s always fun to switch up your look, and now that it’s summer everyone wants to bring out those fun lipstick shades. But before you reach for that pink lipstick, think about choosing a colored eyeliner instead! Yes you read that right, colored eyeliner.
When it comes to colored eyeliner, just like lipstick, your favorite color may not be the right one for you.  It’s important to find a color that compliments your eye color. When looking for colors remember opposites attract. Brown eyes look great with richer, more saturated colors like purple, turquoise, blue, and gold. Blue eyes look best with when paired with bronze, orange, or rust colors.
Have green eyes? Go for purple, gold, or a dark turquoise. Hazel eyes really pop in green or purple. Don’t be afraid to have fun with it! Will you rock colored eyeliner this season?
Shop Colored Liners: Marc Jacobs / Laura Mercier / Sephora / NARS / Urban Decay / Makeup Forever