This is a topic that will most likely strike a cord with some, while others like myself are simply trying to understand. This post is not intended to offend anyone. I am very open minded and I’m a loving mother who welcomes children of all ages, races, beliefs and affiliations, but I’ve really been struggling to wrap my head around the gender-neutral movement. In some of the mom forums I follow this has been a hot button issue. I recently watched over one-hundred moms rant about toys Target was offering around Easter. There was a set of superhero figurines in blues and greens and a set of fairy figures in pinks and purples. The moms were having a huge debate over why the colors couldn’t be transposed. I really don’t think Target intended to offend anyone when they produced the figurines in these color schemes but it was an extremely sensitive topic among this group of moms.

Little girls ice cream sweater, pink pants, and a pink jacket.

In another post, I saw a mom reveal that she doesn’t allow her daughter to have any dolls in their home. When another forum member asked her why, she replied it’s because her daughter has dolls to play with at daycare and she wants to offer her other options at home. She thought this would allow her daughter to make her own choice about how she identifies. I am a huge proponent of a parent’s right to choose their own path for their children. I support you 100% and love you for being passionate about the decisions you are making in raising your child. I’m not knocking anyone down for making these choices, I’m just trying to understand it.

A girls ensemble that is head to toe pink.

Since when has it become negative for a girl to be dressed in all pink or for her room to be decked out in fairies, dolls and bubbles? Why shouldn’t a boy be able to love superheroes and cars? I think it’s totally fine for boys to have dolls and fairies too if that is what he wants and for a girl to love superheroes and cars. There should be a healthy crossover but why do these moms believe everything should be gender-neutral? Since when it is not okay for a girl to be celebrated as a girl and a boy to be celebrated as a boy?

A little girl in a ball pit wearing a floral jacket at the 900 North Michigan Shops in Chicago.

Whichever way those children choose to identify is a beautiful thing and it’s their choice. Why are parents putting so much pressure on themselves to make sure children are aware of the possibilities? Throughout our lives, we have all been exposed to different things, we’ve made choices for ourselves and become competent adults (most of us). Why are parents putting so much pressure on this issue and not allowing nature to take its course?

I’ve bought my daughter more pink this season than I ever have before because she loves it. If she wanted blue I would buy her blue. Buying all pink doesn’t mean that I need to make sure there is also an equal balance of blue in her closet. Again, I’m not trying to offend anyone, I’m just trying to understand – why is this such a hot issue?

Photos by Hallie Duesenberg

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