Zelda absolutely loves it when her Glamma comes into town, and she loves it even more when Glamma hooks her up with a rad DIY! Over Mother’s Day weekend, Glams turned Zelda’s plain white canvas Vans into something magical, and you can do the same thing for your little one. You just need white Vans sneakers, paint, and paint brushes. diy-vans Use a large, flat brush to paint the top of the shoe pink, but don’t carry the paint all the way to the bottom edges. painted-vans Next, use a slightly smaller brush to paint a very light pink layer leading up the edges, so it creates an ombre like effect. vans-shading Use light green paint for the watermelon rind, followed by a darker green layer. watermelon-vans Paint on the black watermelon seeds using a small round brush and use the same black paint on the top lining of the shoe. Once the black paint dries, use a small paint brush to add a glare illusion to the seeds with white paint. watermelon-seeds Allow the shoes to dry and then toss them in the dryer, this will set the paint. We left ours in for about 2 minutes. Take your little babe to the playground in their new kicks! zelda-watermelon-vans