We are all about home décor hacks that are easy, stress free and can be done in fewer than five steps. Get ready moms because this DIY is only 3 steps (queue applause here!) —spray, fluff and dry—with only four materials!zelda-diyWe spotted this Land of Nod rug and instantly fell in LOVE, but with a $260 price tag, we challenged ourselves to see if we could do it for less – and we did! The popularity of sheepskin throws and rugs along with our love for bright, vivid colors gave us the opportunity to create this fun piece of art. (Artwork isn’t just for your walls, you know!)

Bonus: You can make this rug in less than 30-minutes and the project is perfectly kid friendly. Even better– no matter what design aesthetic you have, you can tailor this DIY to fit right into your existing décor.  If you’re not all about rainbows and vivid colors, we love the look of using only black to create a modern, minimal rug.

Time to throw on those rubber gloves. Let’s get started!Spray-PaintMATERIALS

Faux or Real Sheepskin Rug, we scored our faux rug at Ikea for $12! They also have a real version for $30.

Fabric Spray Paint (You can buy the exact same kind we used here).

Rubber Gloves

Cardboard, Tarp, or Newspaper to cover your workspace


1. Start by designating a space to work in and then lay down your protective covering, whether it is cardboard, a tarp or newspaper. Then, lay down your rug with the fur facing up.

2. Choose a color palette and stick with it; you can pick every color of the rainbow or just three. This project is all about being free with where you spritz your paint, but a color palette will ensure you have a work of art that is balanced.Spray-Rug

3. Spritz away! These sprays are extremely easy to use. Point them at your desired area you would like to fill with that color and press down on the nozzle entirely to get a mist-like spray. Press down half way on the nozzle to have a more centralized spray with more saturated color.

4. Then, using a gloved hand, rub your finger through the color and the fur to evenly spread the color and feather out. This will help you achieve a dreamy, gradient-like effect.Rug-DIY5. Once you’re content with your rug, let it dry for at least 3 hours. Your rug is complete! Be sure to hand wash this rug and be mindful that the first wash will have some color run off from the dye. Enjoy your new work of art!watercolor-rug-DIYzelda-rug