With everything going on in the world, I’ve been holding my little babe extra tight. I recently received a Moonglow Necklace and it came at exactly the right time. It’s such a special reminder of the most magical day of my life and is a symbol of what my family means to me. When Zelda and I are at home together, I try to make the most of every activity, bath time included. We recently became obsessed with Water Beads. These tiny beads expand the moment they get wet and entertain Zelda for hours on end. We’ll be featuring them on a special YouTube channel that is launching soon — stay tuned! We’re counting down the days.
Another item making my world go ’round this week is my new Klasse Watch. It’s super sleek and you can get 12% off your order with my special code: corrimcfadden. If you’re a regular reader,  you know I’ve been really obsessed with makeup and skincare this year and The Makeup of a Confident Woman is an excellent read. It’s full of practical tutorials that will change your makeup game forever. I’ve also been rocking Keds Triple HI Sneakers. They’re perfect for chasing around busy babes and work with my weekend uniform. What are you obsessing over this month?

Currently crushing on: Moonglow, Water Beads and More!