It’s officially holiday gift giving season and if you haven’t started, let this serve as your warning that you better get moving! With only 32 shopping days until Christmas, you only have 5 Saturdays left to get Santa’s sleigh fully stocked and in order.
I have been scouring the web looking for the cutest and coolest holiday gifts for Zelda that don’t require me to take out a second mortgage. Baby Daddy insisted that Zelda needed a car now that she is the ripe driving age of 2 (oh dads). While scouring the web for the perfect whip I stumbled upon a purple ride-on Ford F-150 that screamed ZELDA, and to my surprise it was from Walmart. Personally, I have not shopped at Walmart in years and was so surprised at how many treasures they have. My list this year includes several girlfriends who just had babies. You always want to make a first Christmas special but it can get extremely expensive with 5 new bundles on your list. Did you have any idea that Walmart carried aden + anais and fashionable mocks for babies!?
I was so impressed that I put a fun holiday gift guide together with some fun pieces babies and toddlers to put under the tree this year! What is your favorite Walmart find?
A gift guide for children's toys from Walmart.
We also learned a valuable lesson this year, when you are purchasing a large gift don’t have it shipped anywhere that Baby Daddy can find it or it won’t make it under the tree! I don’t know who was more excited, Happy Early Christmas to Zelda!
A little girl riding an F150 from Walmart for a holiday gift guide.A purple F150 ride on car from Walmart.Girls black leather jacket and black leather boots.A black and white teepee from Walmart.
A street style post with gifts you didn't know you could buy at Walmart.
A guide to children's gifts with Walmart.

Photos by Hallie Duesenberg 

Children's gifts you didn't know you could get at Walmart.

1. Classic Lego Set // 2. PlayDoh Set // 3. Pop Up Food Truck // 4. Batmobile

5. Magrific Magnetic Set // 6. Baby Moccasins // 7. Barbie Puppy Mobile 8. i-Pad Mini

9. Robotic Kitten // 10. Teething Necklace // 11. Teepee // 12. Pom Pom Maker

13. F-150 Truck // 14. Trolls Scooter // 15. Swaddle Blankets // 16. Easel for Two

17. Trolls Set // 18. Smartwatch // 19. Star Coat


Walmart gift guide behind the scenes.

<Real Life> Now lets be real, I am a mom of a toddler, when is the last time you saw a mom casually hanging out with their child in a gown…..well besides Mariah Carey?! I am so thankful to my “village” for helping me pull off these crazy visions! Lots of love to Walmart for this fun holiday partnership! XO.