Rad Moms rejoice!  We are bringing you the ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for who else….YOU!  Ok, we know there are other women in your life (mom, sister, aunt), but this holiday is the prefect chance for you to get showered with love, so take it – you deserve it!  And this Gift Guide is jam packed with all things you really want.  A little Comme de Garcon to keep you smelling pretty, Sugarwish candy to keep your sweet tooth in check, a Polaroid camera so you can remember your baby’s faces, a photo printer so pics don’t live in your phone forever and a ton of fashion and home accessories that scream “I love you!”. 

So send this link over to the man in your life so you can stop dropping hints.  Hurry up…the shop links are included, so he has no excuse!


1. Biba Lips // 2. FitBit Wrap // 3. Glasses // 4. Perfect Match Card // 5. Glam Glow // 6. Candy // 7. Bath Oil // 8. Watch // 9. Polaroid Camera // 10. Perfume // 11. Photo Printer // 12. Pumps // 13. Clutch // 14. Lip Slip // 15. Handbag // 16. Slim Wallet // 17. Flatterbox // 18. Bracelet // 19. Plates