I believe teaching our children to be compassionate and caring towards others is one of the most important lessons we can teach them. We live in a world where every time we turn on the news it seems like we see something awful that in many cases could have been prevented if someone had spoken up. I want Zelda to learn and understand that she can make a difference in someone’s life, whether it’s on the playground or on the other side of the world. I’m always looking for ways to incorporate this lesson into our day to day, and when I heard about UNICEF’s Kid Power campaign I knew we needed to do our part.

Unicef Kid Power

UNICEF created their own wearable activity band for kids (don’t worry, it doesn’t track their location!), and the more they move the better! Kids earn points for their activity and points unlock Ready To Use Food packets (also known as RUTF packets) for malnourished children around the world. UNICEF has made it their goal to unlock one million RUTF packets this month, and your babe can do their part by getting out there to get their exercise! Kids in the Chicago area have been contributing all spring and have already unlocked around 73,000 RUTF packets, which is amazing!

An event for Unicef Kid Power.

If you love this as much as we do, I have fantastic news. On Saturday, May 20th the UNICEF Kid Power crew is hosting an event at the Chicago Children’s Museum at Navy Pier. They’re going to have a ton of stuff for babes to do to get them moving around. I’ve heard there’s going to be a maze thanks to Target, one of their sponsors, and some Star Wars themed fun as they are part of this great cause too! The event begins at 10am on Saturday morning, and you can RSVP now to let them know you’re coming. I hope to see you and your crew there, it’s going to be an awesome time for a wonderful cause!

Photos by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for UNICEF USA