With gloomy weather and cold temps, all I want to do is curl up and lay in bed with Zelda. The weather has officially turned and it has put me into hibernation mode. One of the perks about owning my own business is that I can work from home from time to time, and this week I’m working on making my house extra cozy. I sense a full weekend of binge watching movies in my future (mostly cartoons but hey, I’ll take what I can get!).  I have thirteen items that I’m always happy I have in my home and I wanted to share them just in case you’re working on nesting this week too! What are your go-to home items when the weather forces you indoors? Tell me in the comments below.

13 Items Under $100 You Need in Your Home: Wall Art

It’s easy to make your space your own with a few pieces of eye-catching wall art. As surprising as it might seem, I turn to The Land of Nod frequently. While it’s geared towards kids, there are some seriously stellar pieces that work for adult spaces too.

Shop Wall Art

1. White Horse Wall Art

2. Play On Player Foil Stamped Art Work

3. Essone Wall Art Hanger

4. Buildings Wall Art

5. Nothing But Happiness Wall Art

6. Eyes Wall Art Set

7. Fruitie Wall Art

8. Flamingos with White Frame

9. Touch of Gold Wall Art

10. Boho Wolf Wall Art

Candles instantly cozy up any space and I’m always partial to filling my home with them when the weather cools down. Nothing beats curling up on the couch in a beautiful smelling space.

13 Items Under $100 You Need in Your Home: Candles

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1. Boulangerie Candle Gift Set

2. Spring’s Eden Candle Jar

3. Haze Candle

4. Be the Star of Your Story Candle

5. Walled Garden Candle Tin

6. Woven Crystal Candle

7. Maison Noir Candle

8. Limited Edition Cut Glass Jar Candle

You can’t curl up on the couch without a comfy pillow! While comfort is key, your pillows should still be aesthetically inspiring. Zelda and I have a lot of favorites at The Land of Nod but I also recently stumbled onto the Fred Segal collection at CB2 and these pieces make me swoon.

13 Items Under $100 You Need in Your Home: Comfy Pillows

Shop Comfy Pillows

1. Floral Pattern Pillow

2. Hello Throw Pillow

3. Black Flora Pillow

4. Loves You Pillow

5. Baja Garden Pillow

6. Je T’Aime Sham

7. Orange Slice Pillow

8. Flower Garden Pillow

9. Trellis Print Pillow

One of my favorite things to do in the fall and winter is make little snacks to go along with our movies, and what better way to enjoy them than on adorable plates? Anthropologie wins in this category.

13 Items Under $100 You Need in Your Home: Appetizer Plates

Shop Appetizer Plates

1. Dog-a-Day Plates

2. Nature Table Plates

3. Gold Accent Plates

4. Plumology Plates

5. Imaginist Plates

6. Draper James Plates

7. World Plates

8. Kiso Plate

9. Kinzey Plates

Zelda and I usually stick to outdoor gardening, but I love the look of greenery inside. This fall, we might try our hand at indoor greenery. It’s an inexpensive way to freshen up any space.

13 Items Under $100 You Need in Your Home: Greenery

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1. Isla Large White Planter

2. Copper Flower Pot

3. Ceramic Planter

4. Vertical Wall Planter

5. Cement Planter

6. Square Navy Planter

7. Loom Planter Set

There is something so special about a beautiful mirror. An unexpected design can add a pop to any room and in many instances, incorporating a wall mirror will make your space look larger than it is. It’s a win-win!

13 Items Under $100 You Need in Your Home: Statement Mirrors

Shop Statement Mirrors

1. Bow Mirror

2. Fleur Mini Mirror

3. Peruvian Artisan Mirrors

4. Flower Accent Mirror

5. Flower Crown Accent Mirror

6. Olive Leaf Mirror

7. Victor Pendant Mirror

8. Cloudburst Wall Mirror

9. Mother of Pearl Wall Mirror

10. Brass Mirror Shelf

Who wants to sleep in an uncomfortable bed? No one. Your bed should be your oasis! Once you have a cozy mattress, it’s all about the bedding. Our secret tip is to use a silk pillowcase. It’s so much better for your hair and skin, and makes for a more restful sleep!

13 Items Under $100 You Need in Your Home: Cozy Bedding

Shop Cozy Bedding

1. Garment Wash Quilt

2. Slip Silk Pillowcase

3. Sutton Stripe Sheet

4. Crushed Velvet Quilt

5. Floral Sheets

6. Fokus Duvet Cover and Sham Set

7. Check Smock Duvet Cover

8. Mermaid Tail Throw

9. Sorrento Pillowcases

10. Monogram Sheet Set

I make it a goal to perfect my cheese plate every year and it always starts with a gorgeous platter. After all, the holidays aren’t that far away. It never hurts to start planning a little early!

13 Items Under $100 You Need in Your Home: Cheese Platter

Shop Cheese Platter

1. Paradise Garden Cheese Board

2. Agate Cheese Board

3. Gilded Greetings Cheese Board

4. Say Cheese Board

5. 3 Piece Marble Cheese Board

6. Slate Cheese Serving Board 

Shelving in your house is a must. Showcasing your treasures is another key feature to making your space your own. Whether you live in a house, a condo or an apartment, your interior should feel like you.

13 Items Under $100 You Need in Your Home: Shelving

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1. X-Shaped Book Caddy

2. Iron Book Shelf

3. Salvaged Wood Corner Shelf

4. Everlee Shelf

5. Scalloped Shelf

6. Intaglio Shelf

7. Sift 2-Story Tower

8. Hammered Shelf

9. Narrow Bookcase

Not only are these key dishes adorable, they will save you hours. No more frantically searching for missing keys! (If you can remember to set them in the dish.)

13 Items Under $100 You Need in Your Home: Key Dish

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1. Watercolor Stems Trinket Tray

2. Trellis Trinket Tray

3. Bonjour Tray

4. Daisy Place Tray

5. Odds & Ends Tray

6. Dose Square Tray

7. Geometric Nesting Trays

Having a fully stocked bar cart is an effortless way to accommodate unexpected guests (I know we all have those in-laws who love to drop by). If you live in the city, it also does double duty by freeing up some space inside your kitchen cabinets, and we all know additional space is priceless.

13 Items Under $100 You Need in Your Home: Bar Carts

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1. Wood & Glass Bar Cart

2. Kip Serving Cart

3. Chrome Bar Cart

4. Lianna Serving Cart

5. Allie Serving Cart

6. Veneta Serving Cart

We use canisters for everything! From baking ingredients to Zelda’s art supplies, canisters are a pretty way to store not so pretty things.

13 Items Under $100 You Need in Your Home: Canisters

Shop Canisters

1. Large Black Dots Canister

2. Gold Storage Canisters

3. Silo Canisters

4. Fido Jar

5. Smoke Grey Canisters

6. Heritage Hill Canisters

6. Chalkboard Canisters

7. Capsule Collection Canisters

A stunning rug can tie a room together! We used this rug from The Land of Nod when we transitioned Zelda’s room from a nursery and we know it will be with us for a long time. Make sure you choose something durable if you are placing your rug in a high traffic area!

13 Items Under $100 You Need in Your Home: Rugs

Shop Rugs

1. Diamond Vision Rug

2. Diamond Shag Rug

3. Vintage Overdyed Rug

4. Fretwork Rug

5. Ribbon Cutting Rug

6. Starburst Rug

7. Paris Shag Rug

8. Moroccan Bead Rug

9. Abstract Rug