These festive Turkey Treat Holders are sure to be a hit in any classroom! To make them you need white tulle, clear elastic hair ties, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, self-adhesive dots, and Reese’s Pieces. candy-turkey-treat-holders Cut a small square of tulle (approximately 8 inches x 8 inches) and place the Reese’s Pieces in the center. Secure with a clear elastic hair tie. The excess tulle will be the turkey’s feathers in the back. turkey-treat-holders-head Next, create the turkey’s head by cutting a piece of brown pipe cleaner (approximately 7 inches). Roll the pipe cleaner into itself, leaving enough space for a visible neck. Cut a small piece of orange pipe cleaner and wrap it around the brown pipe cleaner to create the beak. Repeat the same step with a red pipe cleaner to create the waddle. Attach the googly eyes with self-adhesive dots. Place the head through the top of the tulle. turkey-treat-holder Cut two pieces of the yellow pipe cleaner (approximately 8 inches) and push them through the tulle to secure (these will be the feet). Using two smaller pieces of yellow pipe cleaner create the toes on each foot. turkey-treat-holder-family