Luxe Me Now: With the rainy weather and a bout of sickness, I have been living in my Luxe Me Now slippers! I recommend everyone go out and buy a pair this week. They are one of the only things that have kept me feeling together, and they put a smile on my face every time I look at my feet.
Spring Scents: If you’re still wearing the same scent you wore all winter you are long overdue for a change! Check out my favorite spring fragrances here for some scentspiration.
Leather in Spring: Don’t store your leather away just because warmer temps are in sight. This wardrobe staple can be worn in any season! See how here.
Kate Spade Miss Adventure: I absolutely adore the Kate Spade Miss Adventure videos starring Anna Kendrick. It’s a great way to preview the new collection, and decide what pieces you will pick up for spring!
Candied Bacon: I can’t even describe how delicious this is. Try using it as your next salad topper! Get the recipe here.
SAIC Fashion Show:  Don’t miss the show, it’s this Wednesday!  It features over 200 garments featured by students.