Trista Sutter Family
We’re super excited for this featured mom, and we think you will be too! Chances are you recognize Trista Sutter from the very first season of ABC’s “The Bachelor”, where she was one of 25 contestants and ultimately the runner-up on the hit show.

That led her to being the very first Bachelorette, where she not only met the man of her dreams, handsome firefighter Ryan Sutter, but also said “yes” to his televised marriage proposal that 30 million people tuned in to witness!  Trista and Ryan went on to tie the knot in a televised ceremony that aired in December 2003, and have been happily married ever since.

Fast forward to now, Trista is the proud mother of Max (7), Blakesley (6), and two fur-babies, Tank and Sophie. Trista gratefully calls the Vail Valley home and works as a stay-at-home-and-work mom…the best job in the world!  Other than volunteering and spending time with her family and friends, some of her projects have included writing her first book, entitled Happily Ever After: The Life-Changing Power of a Grateful Heart, creating a gift and home decor collection with Glory Haus called The Grateful Heart Collection, appearing on Dancing with the Stars,  and working as a spokesperson for several national brands.
She also takes time to bringing awareness to causes she considers worthy and spreading awareness about the power of gratitude through campaigns and speaking engagements around the country.

How many children do you have? What inspired their names?
Ryan and I are blessed with 2 beautiful kiddos.  Maxwell Alston (Max) will turn 8 in July and Blakesley Grace just celebrated her 6th birthday in April.  We both thought the name Max was a strong name for a fun kid and his middle name is Ryan’s dad’s middle name.  We wanted to honor our family and Alston fit perfectly.
Since we honored Ryan’s side of the family with Max’s name, I had hopes of honoring my side with Blakesley’s name.  My mother and grandmother are named Roseanne and Rosemary, so I had always dreamt of using Rose as a middle name for a baby girl.  Ryan was really drawn to the name Grace, so I gave in to that, but searched for a name on my side that would fit with Grace.  I mentioned Blakesley (my mother’s maiden name) and her name was born.

What’s your favorite way to spend time with your family?
It can range from giggles at the dinner table, to taking in the beauty of our mountain town by hiking or biking or just a good ‘ol walk, or to a special and always cherished trip to our favorite place on earth…Disney!  Really, it comes down to being present wherever we are and appreciating the gift that is our family.

Are there any children’s brands you find yourself buying over and over again?
Definitely!  Once you find something both you and your kids adore equally, they become a keeper.  And once they become a keeper, they stay a keeper for as long possible! Stephen Joseph and Mabels Labels have been staples of mine for birthday party favors since Max celebrated his first birthday — super cute, useful, fun, and lots of style choices.
For clothing, Max lives in Old Navy and Polo.  Comfy and adjustable, which is key for a growing boy!  For Blakesley two of those brands are Freckles + Kitty and Pediped.

How has motherhood affected your personal style?
I’m not sure if it’s due to motherhood or the lovely thing called the aging process, but at this point in my life, it’s all about comfort.  I love a great pair of Zara jeans paired with tees on a more casual day, and a sexy, classy, but comfortable outfit for nights out.  I can’t get rid of my sky high heels though.  This mom will always be short and need help in the height department!

What is your favorite thing about being a mom?
Watching the two tiny humans created out of the love I have for my husband blossom into the (mostly) happy and flourishing kiddos that they are today.  We share a special and unconditional bond and I couldn’t be more grateful that they chose me to be the person they call “mama”.

What’s the hardest thing about being a mom?
The feeling of helplessness. For the most part, we’ve been blessed with good health and safety, but we’ve been through pneumonia, bullying, stitches, flu, and an all-too-common occurrence…night terrors.  But, the worst part about the hardest part?  It will never get easier.Hopefully, though, the gratitude far outweighs the helplessness and we retain the power to positively shape our children’s futures and end up mutually blessed.

Has your beauty routine changed at all since you’ve had kids?
The routine hasn’t necessarily changed, but the speed with which it gets done has! I wish I could spend more time on working to keep my skin looking youthful, but by the end of the day, I’m exhausted and just want to get to bed to do it all over again in the morning…or spend time with my husband!

What have you learned from your kids?
That there are 175 different species of chameleons, how to roll your r’s when you’re speaking Spanish, and that Blakesley has been causing the unusually cold weather we’ve been having with her Elsa-like powers. Those things, and the true meaning of gratitude. I thought I was blessed before I met them, and I was, but nothing compares to the love I feel for my family and the life we’ve created together.

What is your favorite, easy, go-to recipe that your kids love?
I am so happy to share this favorite! It’s Paula Deen’s recipe for Gooey Butter Cake, which is a St. Louis treat…where I’m from! Click here to see the recipe.