To paci or not to paci?  This ongoing debate seems to be on the minds of all mothers who come across my baby, however it’s not on mine.  So, why do they voice their concerns to me and why do they…f*cking care?
imageI was recently on vacation (enjoying some much needed sun and family time) when I was accosted by another mom questioning the paci in my daughter’s mouth? Her Wubi (paci attached to a small stuffed animal) was peacefully hanging from her lips when this random stranger snickered that it was full of germs and incredibly harmful!  She then added that my toddler was also far too old to even have a paci! Seriously, does she think I am sitting here poolside, blissfully poisoning my child?
Now before thinking I am bashing moms helping moms, please know that I am certainly not. I ask my girlfriends, mom, pediatrician, dentist and fiancé advice all of the time. What I am questioning is why random moms, people who I have no relation to, think it’s necessary to tell me what to do with my child?
In the 30-years before I had my baby, people wouldn’t openly tell me their opinions like they do now that I have a child.  I don’t eat at restaurants and have fellow customers tell me I ordered the wrong meal. So, why do moms think other moms want to openly be insulted about the parenting decisions they are making? We don’t…so back off and zip it!