Summer is here, which means there will be lots of fun in the sun! But you can’t go out without the perfect pair of sunnies, can you?! Choosing the perfect shades can be difficult, so I’ve pulled together some tips to help you find your new favorites based on the shape of your face.
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Splurge: 3.1 Phillip Lim – Save: Steve Madden
Square faces tend to have characteristics that include a broad forehead, strong jawline, and a wide chin & cheekbones. You’ll want to avoid boxy or angular frames, as the sharp lines on those styles will look too harsh on you. Go for frames that balance out the jawline and make the face look longer and also soften your features. Frames that are rounded, cat-eye, semi rimless or oval Jackie O. type styles are great choices.
Round-Shaped-FaceSplurge: Les Pieces Uniques – Save: MinkPink
Full cheekbones and few angles are key characteristics, along with similar face width and length. You’ll want to stay away from round shapes and lenses, it will just exaggerate the face shape. Square, retro rectangular and sporty styles will help create a slimming effect.
Oval-Shaped-FaceSplurge: Cazal – Save: Spitfire
Oval shaped faces have a chin that is slightly more narrow than the forehead. Those with this face shape can wear just about any shape they want, and it’s thought to be the most ideal face shape because it’s so proportionate! When looking for frames, look for ones that keep the natural balance of your face in check, proportion is key!
Oblong-Shaped-FaceSplurge: The Row – Save: FE NY
An oblong face is longer than it is wide, and has a narrow chin & cheeks with a large forehead. Try to break up the length of the face, the goal is to have it appear to be shorter and wider. Wraparounds and oversized styles are good options for you, again this is all about proportion! Stay away from frames that accentuate length or are too narrow.
Heart-Shaped-FaceSplurge: Vera Wang – Save: Icon Eyewear
A wide forehead and high cheekbones with a narrow chin are characteristics of a heart shaped face. You’ll want to choose frames that will broaden the chin and minimize the width of the forehead. Frames that are slightly rounded and dip between the eyes will break up the forehead, as will frames that have a wider bottom. Good choices for this face shape would be butterfly styles, rimless and aviators. Stay away from frames that are heavily embellished or top heavy, it just brings more attention upward.