The Easter Bunny will be making his rounds in just a few short days! Now I know he’s got his stuff down, I mean he’s a pro, but even the pros need a little help sometimes! That’s why I’ve pulled together a few ideas that you can pass along, just in case you feel like he might want to switch it up this year.

Every kid loves having things with their name on it. Psychobaby has your customization needs covered. They’ve got so many great options, everything from blankets to coin purses for your minis. I’m obsessing over the Digi Rainbow pieces right now!
I love how perfect this tote is for an egg hunt, it’s festive and so easy for your little one to toss in their findings! Plus, you know it’s theirs, so no mix ups!
Two more personalized pieces that I’m happy I ordered are Zelda’s custom book and a bracelet. Both are made especially for her, and I know she’ll treasure them for years to come.
If your little one loves the water like Zelda does, I’ve got some ideas to make bath time even more fun! Firstly, how cute is this basket from Land of Nod?! I mean, in my book it’s the perfect Easter basket. It could also double as a tote for pool/beach time in the summer. Can’t you just see your babe toting their toys in this while racing to the water as fast as their little legs can carry them? I can!
Now back to bath time. Wash With Water has amazing products, whether you’re just looking for a new favorite or have a specific concern you’re looking to address. Their product is gentle enough for sensitive skin, and can help with conditions such as eczema, so your little one is as comfy as can be. They’re also made with natural and organic ingredients, a big bonus in my book!

What’s bath time without some toys?! I love Munchkin for their cute and creative bath time accessories. Zelda is a fan of the tea set and the barn squirts (Harley might love the barn squirts more than Z!).
A natural sponge is another bath time essential, and I adore this one from Giggle. Every babe should be wrapped in a cute robe after bath time, specifically one with a hood! If you haven’t scooped up one of these you’ll thank me once you see your little one all wrapped up in one, absolutely adorable!
If your little babe LOVES trying new snacks, look no further than Abe’s Market.  They offer a great selection of treats (and a TON of other amazing products too), and not only are the snacks good, but the ingredients that go into them are good as well.
Everything at Abe’s contains natural or organic ingredients, and they have a TON of options if your little one has any allergy concerns. Another perk? You’ll want to eat these too! I’m really digging Bitsy’s Brainfood cookies right now!

I want to know what Easter traditions you have in your house! Share them below, I’m excited to read them!