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Something you may not know about me is that I’m actually the ultimate cat lady. I haven’t really broadcast it over the years (but definitely haven’t hidden it either!), but I figure now is the time to finally let you guys in on it, because, drum roll please… We got a cat! His name is Buddy and I promise I’ll share more below, but first I want to tell you guys how cats have played such a major part in my life. I realize that may sound weird, but for real, cats are my jam and here’s why!

Have you ever heard of the Cat Fancy Association (CFA)? Well, as a child I spent my summers going to CFA cat shows with my grandmother, who, at the time, was somewhat of an icon in the cat world. You could find me brushing her cats, feeding them, changing out litter – you name it, I did it. And all for the sake of my grandmother’s Siamese cats. It was such a huge part of my life as a kid, and one thing I distinctly remember is my grandmother feeding her cats Fancy Feast. She said it was the best and to this day, I couldn’t agree more, which is why Fancy Feast is on the menu for Buddy every day!

So why did we get a cat now, you ask? Well, I wasn’t exactly in the market for another animal because we already have two dogs and a rabbit, but Zelda needed a little companion. Both our dogs are very senior at 15 and 17 years old, and while we love the rabbit, she can’t exactly cuddle on the couch with Zelda.
Enter: us getting a cat!
We’ve had Buddy for about six months now and it was definitely the best decision we could have made. He’s a Siamese, which if you don’t know, are the PERFECT breed of cat if you’re looking for a companion for your kids. Let me break it down for you since I’m apparently an expert on cats – specifically Siamese because that’s what my grandmother had.


First, they’re extremely social and need all the attention your kid(s) will give them. Buddy sleeps with Zelda, has tea parties with her and if you follow along on Instagram, you know he’s just about everywhere else in between.
Second, Siamese cats are extremely affectionate. If your kid(s) loves to hug and snuggle with animals, get yourself a Siamese! Buddy is incredibly patient with Zelda and doesn’t just “put up” with all her affection, but actually loves it! This breed craves lots of attention, so be sure to think about that before bringing one home.


And lastly, Siamese cats are super intelligent. I know a lot of people think cats aren’t as capable as dogs in this department, but I’m telling you, Siamese cats are. Buddy knows his name and even comes when Zelda calls. Does it get much better?! I don’t think so!
Because Buddy is “Zelda’s cat”, we’re also using this as an opportunity to teach her about responsibility and how to take care of a pet. This means Zelda helps me shop for everything Buddy needs – including all the Fancy Feast he can handle!
We like to get all Buddy’s cat supplies from Target because it’s basically a one-stop-shop for everything we need (Pro Tip: you can check out Target’s Order Pickup or Drive Up options to make your shopping easier!). Since Target is a little further away than it used to be (that’s what happens when you move from Chicago to Aspen, Colorado), we go once a month and stock up on Purina Tidy Cats Clumping Litter (we get the 35lb pail to last the month, but it also comes in a 17lb pail), Purina Friskies Party Mix because we all deserve a treat now and then, right? And, of course, we also grab the 24 pack of Purina Fancy Feast. Buddy seems to prefer the Gravy Lovers variety, but there are a ton of flavors and textures!


The Cool Cat Lady Essentials

What else is there to say except Target does it again?! LOL. It gets me every time. They have it all, along with everything else on my grocery list, which means no extra stops for mom – score!

So there’s the 411 on my life as a cat lady and all the info on Buddy. I’ve been getting tons of questions about him on Instagram, so hopefully that sheds some light on why we chose his particular breed, what we feed him and how he’s fitting into our life/routine. If you have any other questions, drop them in the comments!


Oh, and cheers to all the cool cat ladies out there! I see you!!