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The Dreaded C-Word: Co-Sleeping

Today we are going to tackle one of those topics that has so much shame and stress associated with it. No, we are not talking about breast feeding. We are talking about co-sleeping and I’m not sure why it has such a negative stigma. Co-sleeping is something I am very passionate about because it has worked well for …
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Family Pajamas

3 Things New Moms Need to Know

There have been more pregnant people around me in the last month than ever before. This isn’t going to be a post about whether I should have a second child – I’ll save that for later because honestly, I don’t even know where I stand on the subject. This post is about new mom advice. The minute you find out …
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A Panel Discussion: The Intersection of Parenting & Entrepreneurship

Calling all mamas living in Chicago! I am speaking on a super fun panel where we will discuss our perspectives on the intersection of parenting and entrepreneurship through the worlds of fashion, beauty, food and music at Weissbluth Pediatrics later this month. It will be a fun evening and best of all, it's FREE! Be sure to checkout the 
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