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How to Survive Flying with a Toddler

Being a working mom is extremely difficult and if someone tells you that it’s not, they’re most likely lying to you. I have moments where I’m kicking ass, I’m on top of the world, I’m being the best mom and I’m performing well at work, and then I have other days where I feel like I’m failing at everything. My …
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Zelda’s Island Fashion

Ever since we recapped our amazing Jamaica trip, there have been a ton of super sweet inquiries asking for details on Zelda's island wardrobe. I'm not gonna lie, in my book this is one of the best parts getting ready for a vacation! I waited to start making purchases until we got Zelda's passport squared away (mamas, take my …
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Peacock Sweater

Hello from Hillside House Jamaica

As new parents, we were initially scared by the talk that vacations were a thing of our past.  Long gone were the days of free spirited trips to Greece, sailing into the night on the waters of Santorini, late night dinners in Capri and long walks on the beach.  WAIT…snap out of it!  This is not a forgotten …
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Chambray Dress


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