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Spiro’s Famous Tzatziki Recipe

Okay, you guys -- this is BIG. Spiro makes the best tzatziki I've ever tasted in my life and he finally agreed to let me feature it on the site. He had two conditions. The first was that I had to showcase each step in detail and the second was that he got to make it and write the recipe …
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Rachel Leykind’s Juicy Baklava

Full disclosure: My baby daddy is Greek and I’ve never made baklava before. This was my first attempt and I made two aesthetically fatal errors – I didn’t grind the nuts into a powder and I froze the phyllo dough prior to making the recipe. BIG MISTAKE. I received this dessert recipe from Rad Mom, Rachel …
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A Refreshing Summer Bite: Jamie Chandlee’s Greek Salsa

Jamie Chandlee spends her days finding the best of the best as the CEO of Rank & Style, a website that ranks fashion and beauty products using an algorithm to methodically search, aggregate and weigh publicly available data like user reviews, best seller lists, editors’ picks and blogger favorites. With the ability to find the crème …
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3-Ingredient Avocado Boats

Zelda is an avocado connoisseur -- she eats them multiple times a day. So needless to say, in order to make her avocados only meal work for both of us we had to get a little creative in the kitchen. And with spring right around the corner we wanted to keep things as healthy as possible and that’s …
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