Well, I’m back from Greece and my family and I are officially residents of Aspen, Colorado! It’s been very exciting, but as we all know, moving is, well…it’s a freaking nightmare. I’m trying to look at it more as an opportunity though, instead of dreading it. It’s a great time to sort through some things and refresh everything before putting it away for the first time in the new house.

Naturally, I thought my closet would be a great place to start. I like my closet to be a reflection of who I am today instead of being like a stroll down memory lane. Of course there are a few mementos that have been around for years, but moving really is the perfect time to dig in deep, clean, and get organized.

Corri McFadden shows readers how to organize their sunglasses with a fun DIY.

Here’s the thing though—I love sunglasses. Like, I really love them. Every time I travel I usually pick up a new pair or if I see some really cool ones while shopping, I buy them. Needless to say, I have a bit of sunglass overflow happening. The solution? A little DIY organizational hack.

First and foremost, I knew I wanted all my pairs to be on full display so I could actually see what I have. Initially, Sprio, God bless him, volunteered to build me a sunglasses wall, but let’s be real here. Like most honey-do items, I knew it wasn’t going to be a top priority and I wanted it now. So I declined his very gracious offer and decided I was going to come up with something on my own.

Sunglasses storage DIY with Corri McFadden.

The brainstorming process started when we were in Greece and I was getting my nails done at a salon. I was laying out our new closet in my head when all the sudden I had an ah-ha moment. The acrylic shelving rack used to hold all the nail polish bottles was staring me in the face and I realized I could use it in the same way – but for my sunglasses.

A creative closet DIY for sunglasses using a nail polish stand.

Before I left the salon, I did a little in-the-moment research and took off the sunglasses I was wearing and put them on the acrylic display. Sure enough, they fit perfectly!

Within minutes I had found my own acrylic shelves on Amazon for under $75. It’s a really great, easy hack. I love the floating illusion created by the acrylic because it appears to take up zero space in our closet, which is key. One nail polish rack holds 18 pairs of sunglasses, so depending on your space and how many pairs you have, you may need more than one. I ended up using three, so for under $200 I have a custom sunglasses rack in my closet. Pretty dang cool, huh?

An easy DIY for sunglasses storage in any closest.

My only regret about this new storage and organization hack is that I didn’t do it sooner! It’s seriously a game changer. Get to your closet and start measuring ASAP because you need this in your life!