We are deep into summer at this point and our family is absolutely loving it. It’s our first summer living in Colorado, so we are taking FULL advantage. We are hiking, swimming, horseback riding – everything! Which means we’re sweating, scraping knees, have chlorine-filled hair – you know, all the things that come with an active summer. With all of this activity, I’ve been testing out more products than ever to try to find things that make life just a little bit easier.

Corri McFadden shares her favorite summer outdoor favorites.

Lucky for me, I recently got my summer adventure box from BabbleBoxx, a service for influencers to test out products and hopefully find things they love. It was perfect timing and I definitely found a few summer outdoor favorites I want to share with you guys, so here they are!

Spiro rocks a Hanes T-Shirt from BabbleBoxx.

Hanes Ultimate Xtemp/Fresh IQ Tees

I’m like a crazy t-shirt person around our house because I tend to micro-manage Spiro’s t-shirt collection and throw out anything that’s looking a little sad. Honestly, nothing makes me feel more fulfilled than throwing away pit-stained t-shirts and smelly cotton. Call it a pet peeve. Anyway, with these Hanes Ultimate Xtemp tees, it’s easy to keep things fresh.

First of all, these shirts are beautifully made. We’re talking like designer quality t-shirts here. You could easily wear one casually and French tuck into jeans (guys or girls). But what it’s even better is the fabric is SO soft and they’re made with Xtemp Temperature Control technology, which helps keep you cool throughout the day. Second, and this is maybe the most amazing part, the t-shirt has odor control technology! What?! Spiro has been beside himself and is so impressed Hanes puts out such a great product. You can pick them in a basic-style neutral color or go for the textured option.

Zelda uses her favorite outdoor favorites summer hot tub shampoo.

UltraSwim Chlorine Removal Shampoo

Zelda lives in our hot tub. I mean, every single night she’s got her swimsuit on ready to jump in. Between that and the pool, we had some serious chlorine buildup happening in her hair. The UltraSwim Chlorine Removal Shampoo has been a godsend because it specifically targets “pool hair” and removes chlorine and any other chemical buildup better than just a regular shampoo, while still utilizing a moisturizing formula so hair doesn’t get too brittle. This is one of the main differences between using UltraSwim versus an ordinary clarifying shampoo – it won’t dry your hair out and it’s safe to use every day. It also prevents your hair from turning that green tone you can get after one too many pool (or hot tub) days. Long story short, we love it and it’s keeping Zelda’s hair healthy!

Stay safe this summer with Corri McFadden's summer outdoor favorites from MediPro.

Medipro First Aid Pods from me4kidz

OK, if you have a child, you know there’s nothing that will ruin your afternoon adventures faster than a skinned knee or scratch that results in “the B word” aka blood. In my experience, the best way to immediately remedy the situation is to have the tools you need to patch up that boo boo on hand so everyone can get back to enjoying the day. This is where the Medipro First Aid Pods come in.

First aid kits can be so bulky and excessive, but the Medipro First Aid Pods completely solve that problem. The kit comes in three separate little pods so you can break it down to take only what you need for the day. You can beef it up and take everything for a day of hiking, or if you’re just headed to the playground and maybe only want to take some bandages and gauze, you can, and just take one small pod. It’s by far the best on-the-go, at your fingertips first aid kit I’ve ever seen. Plus, everything in the kit is latex free and allergy friendly. To snag your own Medipro First Aid Pods from me4kidz and take 25% off, use code babble2019 from now until 12/31/19.

Check out Corri McFadden's favorite MagLite summer outdoor favorites flashlight for camping and more.

MAGLITE® Solitaire LED & Mini Maglite® Pro LED

Let me tell you, these are the little gadgets I didn’t know I needed. As a former city mom, I didn’t quite understand the importance of things like the MAGLITE® Solitaire LED and the Mini Maglite® Pro LED. But after 10 months in Colorado, I now know that after the sun goes down and it’s dark and there’s wildlife all around you, you 100% want to have some kind of light with you.

The Maglite® Solitaire® is a keychain flashlight, but its light goes up to 50 yards in front of you, so I use it when I’m letting the dogs out at night or early in the morning. It helps scare off any creatures that might be waiting for me outside our door (totally not joking btw lol). The Mini Maglite® Pro LED Flashlight is the best flashlight we’ve found since moving out to Colorado by far. We have them by every exterior door in our house and none of them have failed us yet!

You can pick up these products and get 15% off using code MAGBB15 through August 15, 2019. (Some restrictions apply. Outlet, seasonal shop and discounted items excluded. Cannot be combined with another offer or discounted item. U.S. Shipping addresses only. Promotion available for a limited time.)

I legit love ALL of these products so much and have definitely leaned on them as my summer outdoor favorites. And I can tell you this newbie mountain mom needs all the help she can get, ha!

Tell me, what summer outdoor favorites are you relying on to make this summer easier?!

This post is sponsored by Babbleboxx.com