The time to start looking for next year’s winter essentials is NOW!

You may have all the foundation pieces to your winter wardrobe now , but what about next year? With a little searching, you can score some great deals on some amazing pieces for next year. Lucky for you, I’ve found some of the best deals out there right now, just for you.

Everyone needs a good leather boot. Black is classic, and goes with everything. Choose the heel height and style of boot that best fits your lifestyle.

Roberto Del Carlo Stitched Shaft Knee Boots

Alexander Wang Edythe Leather Boots

Zara Biker Coat- available at

J.Crew Majesty Peacoat

St. John Collection Faux Fur Coat


It can get so boring wearing the same old coat day in and day out. Having some options to switch in and out is a great way to liven up your wardrobe. If you want an option that will go with everything and can wear on a daily basis, choose a neutral or maybe even a dark red like the coat from Zara shown above. If you want a pop of color or some texture, go for it!

The cashmere sweater. It’s an absolute must for the cold winter days that Chicago endures. You can wear them alone or layered, and dress them up or down. They also come in the form of a chic wrap sweater.

N. Peal Cashmere Draped Cardigan

Kate Spade Arianna Sweater

InHabit Ribbed Cashmere Sweater