Not sure what to do with those sweaters and coats now that Spring is making an appearance?

I can help!

TIP #1: Edit Your Closet.

Keep in mind, if you didn’t wear it this season, you probably won’t wear it next season. You have to be realistic when you’re cleaning out your closet, don’t keep pieces just because you have an emotional attachment to them. The saying “out of sight, out of mind” rings true here, once you get rid of it you probably won’t even remember you had it! For those pieces you don’t want, you can consign at eDrop-off and get cash for next season’s budget!

TIP #2: Clean And Condition.

Have your winter coat dry cleaned, and have any loose buttons tightened up. Any items that have accumulated piling should be de-pilled, either at a dry cleaner or you can do it yourself. One like this would work just fine. Leather pieces should be wiped down with a cold, damp cloth, and any pieces that need conditioning can be done at home using Leather CPR, which is available at Bed Bath & Beyond. If your garments have any staining or odor they should be professionally cleaned, Davis Imperial Cleaners does great work!  Last but not least, empty your coat pockets! Any bulk (including gloves!) can warp the fabric.

TIP #3: Store.

We’ll start with garments. When your pieces come back from the cleaners, remove the plastic bags immediately. Instead store your items in cloth garment bags, they allow the garment to breathe. A quick DIY yourself garment bag is to sew a cotton sheet in half .  Make sure your leather is never stored in plastic and is kept away from heat (even lightbulbs!). Keep your heavy outerwear on a sturdy hanger, otherwise the shoulders can warp. Cedar hangers are a great choice, they are strong and they keep away the moths!

Now on to shoes.  Stuff your boots so the shaft doesn’t lose any shape. These boot shapers are a good option, $13 for a pack of two. Another alternative is to stuff the boots with rags to keep their shape.

TIP #4: Protect. 

To protect your delicate items, wrap them in acid free tissue paper. It can also help fight wrinkling. A storage chest for sweaters is a great way to free up some space in your closet, this one fits under your bed! Once you have everything neatly organized, don’t just forget about your garments, check on them. If there are any problems you can recognize and solve them early, before it becomes an issue.

Remember: a clean, cool, and dry place is best for storage!

Happy Cleaning!