Stephanie Pascarella is the woman behind one of Zelda’s favorite bath lines, Wash With Water®. We’ve literally been using it since Z was born. She currently lives in South Carolina with her husband Nihar and their three children, Violet, Valentina and little Vonn Crusoe (how adorable are those names?!). Stephanie grew up in Vermont, which is where she would spend her time and hard earned money at the local apothecary. She used to swoon over the products — everything from the packaging to the scents mesmerized her. Stephanie believes those experiences were crucial to bringing Wash With Water to fruition.
Stephanie Pascarella, the founder of Wash with Water plays with her daughter on the kitchen floor.
She knows it’s what in the product and how it is made, especially when it comes to littles. That’s why everything in her line is made in the United States and free of many ingredients us moms don’t want to use on our little’s skin. Stephanie has done a wonderful job of creating a line that is effective while doing her part to help our planet.
Tell Us About Wash With Water: As a mama of three babes, I know finding a quiet moment for you and your family can be challenging. That is why I was inspired to craft the most beautiful (and effective) all-natural, organic skin and hair products that remind us to slow down and enjoy the little things that make life beautiful. Our products are ultra-gentle, hypoallergenic and perfect for every stage of your family’s life — protecting baby’s delicate skin, maintaining mama’s healthy glow and caring for your child as he or she grows. And because we believe bath time can be so special and not just another task to check off — it’s family time in your hands.
Stephanie Pascarella's daughter plays in the bath with Wash With Water products.Stephanie Pascarella's daughter plays in the bath with Wash With Water products.
One Fact Every Parent Needs To Know About Bath Time Products For Kids: Oils are bath time’s BFF and clean your beautiful babies much better than traditional soaps and body washes. Oils are much better at hydrating than the lather and suds we previously associated with clean.  This is why Wash with Water® products do not strip your baby’s skin of natural oils – thanks to luxurious ingredients like Moroccan Argan oil that nourish and work in harmony with baby’s delicate skin long after bath time and an absence of skin-drying ingredients found in other products.
Give Us a Glimpse Into the Timeline of an Average Day: Each day always starts with trying to squeeze in another hour of sleep…no morning people in this crew! Then it’s ready, set, go!  We dash between carpool, ballet lessons, music class and time at the stable. Our party of five is a wild juggling act of family, work and play. I feel really blessed to have such an incredible partner — Nihar is a physician by day and diaper changer by night. We share a passion for raising a happy and healthy family while both individually chasing our dreams. Our lives are super busy and we have found incorporating special traditions like Sunday dinner with Nonna and Poppa, and Wednesday date night are the key to keeping our feet on the ground.
Stephanie Pascarella, founder of Wash with Water is dishing on her favorite skincare, beauty and kids products.
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Little’s Names & Ages: Violet (10) Valentina (3) Vonn (1)
Top Beauty Product You Must Have as a Mom: Our new Vitamin Beauty Butter launching for the holidays is my latest obsession! This product can multitask just like our super mamas and papas. Plus I love Drunk Elephant Marula Oil added to my Dr. Jart BB Cream for flawless skin.
Favorite Under the Radar Kids Brands: Oaks of Acorn, Tiny Cottons & The Animals Observatory.
Top 3 Pieces of Kids Gear You Can’t Live Without: DOHM Sound Machine – we have one in every bedroom, the Amber Necklace and the Liv & NY Mini Backpack.
If You Had $1000 To Spend On Yourself You Would Buy: Hmmmm…definitely a staycation at the Charleston Place Hotel. A bed, a massage and yummy room service sounds magical!
Activity You Love to Do With Your Kids: Growing up with nine months of snow had me dreaming of someday owning a home by the sea. I never want to take for granted that my childhood dream has come true. On Sundays we have gelato for breakfast on Sullivan’s Island and spend the mornings just playing in the surf.
Your Secret Obsession When You Get an Hour to Yourself: Oh I’m kind of obsessed with Odd Mom Out on Bravo right now!
Closet Staple That You Can’t Live Without: Buscemi 170mm Black High Tops!
Favorite Dessert Recipe to Make During the Holiday Season:  Zabaglione is one of my absolute favorite desserts!