A few weeks ago, when the temperature was still below freezing and we were getting hit with random snowstorms, Spiro and I decided we needed a break. But it was short notice, flights everywhere were crazy expensive, and we didn’t really want to go far. Then it hit me, a staycation! At that moment I knew our destination would be The Langham. I’d heard rave reviews, and decided it was time to check this out for myself. Zelda and I already loved spending tea time there, so I could just imagine how wonderful a whole weekend would be! And you know what, I wasn’t disappointed. It was so easy and kid friendly, I couldn’t believe it. The big selling points are that you don’t sacrifice luxury, and you actually feel like you are someplace far from home. Distractions melt away, and it’s just you and your babes.
Mom’s rule number one: always be prepared! I packed my life-saving Birdling Bag with all of Zelda’s necessities for this full two-day staycation at The Langham, Chicago. Must have hotel necessities for the babe includes a change of her bedding and a couple of her favorite toys, which bring instant comfort and the familiarity of home. I also packed Zelda’s pool necessities that most hotels don’t usually offer: a fun floaty, a children’s pool robe, and Zelda’s favorite toy to splash around with.
Zelda’s Staycation Essentials: 1. Tuxedo Swimsuit / 2. Monkey Slippers / 3. Strawberry Blanket / 4. Goldfish / 5. Monkey Bathrobe / 6. Poodle Sheets / 7. Pool Float / 8. Monkey Pacifier / 9. Blanket / 10. Doll Sleeping Bag / 11. Ballerina Doll
Shout out to our Butler, Carlos! He truly went above and beyond to make sure we were always comfortable. One morning Zelda was super cranky and Carlos actually brought our breakfast to us so we didn’t have to venture out. Talk about a mom’s hero! The rest of the staff gave us nothing less than impeccable service– they could seriously rule the world with their staff (well, they definitely ruled ours this weekend!).
There are so many things to do around the hotel, from taking a dip in the amazing pool to hanging out in the kid’s suite. And of course, Zelda and I didn’t dare pass up our favorite…tea time (their vanilla rooboos tea is seriously amazing)!
This was literally first moment of silence I’ve experienced in 8 months—let me tell you, it was heaven! To all you mamma’s out there, spa time creates the perfect opportunity for dad to take the little one out to the pool and give you some time to yourself. Their locker room is open to all, so you don’t have to make an appointment to use their facilities.
Being pampered at the Chuan Spa was indescribable. They have amazing services, including an Herbal Salt Scrub (which I absolutely loved!) and lavish massages, whether you’re in the mood for Swedish or Hot Stone.
The Langham created such a relaxing experience; I forgot that I was even in Chicago! I felt like we were living in what seemed like an entire world way from the busy city (and definitely didn’t want to leave!).
We spent the entire weekend unwinding and exploring the hotel, guiltily, mostly in our pajamas. Not to worry—as tea time rolled around, we totally traded in our PJ’s for some fashionable pieces to celebrate girl time!
Any hotel with a kid-friendly area is a winner in my book! At The Langham, they had a super fun kid-friendly suite with tons of toys, space, and activities for all of us to participate in. I’m sure Spiro had even more fun than Zelda and I—he was glued to the giant white board space drawing the entire time!
It was so great to have a space curated just for exploring and learning with your little one. Another major plus, their incredible staff was so friendly and ready to help at any moment’s notice!
They also had one of the most calming and inviting pools I’ve ever been too—even with seven other kids around! No crazy noise or overcrowding involved whatsoever. The pool extends to just under 5 feet deep with lots of space for splashing around with your little ones and enjoying the breathtaking space.
What hotel do you know that has a movable crib in your room? That’s right—none, except for The Langham, Chicago! The cribs have wheels on them so you can move it anywhere, making it super easy to keep track of your little one from literally anywhere you are.
I always bring bedding along to make sure Zelda feels comfortable in a new environment and sleeps well.  And as always, with her favorite cuddling toys is in tow!