If you’re a regular reader, you most likely know the Swissôtel has become our home away from home in the city. We have celebrated so many special occasions here and continue to create memories in unexpected ways. Before I headed out of town for vacation I wanted to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day alongside a few of my girlfriends. However, I was a little stumped as to how to do it. The river wasn’t green and overall, St. Patrick’s Day is kind of disgusting in the city. It’s an adult only holiday and if you know me, I love to include Zelda every chance I get. I wanted to create something special for my girlfriends where we could all bring our kids, have a few drinks and let go a little.
Zelda of Glitter and Bubbles takes the Kids Suite at the Swissotel. Zelda of Glitter and Bubbles stays in the Kids Suite at the Swissotel on St. Patrick's Day.
I contacted the Swissôtel and told them about my plan. I didn’t have a specific idea in mind and told them to run with it, which is exactly what they did. Their attention to detail was spectacular and they have a special gift of setting up experiences in a memorable way. We’ve created memories here that we could never create anywhere else.
Zelda relaxes in the Kids Suite at the Swissotel Chicago. A St. Patrick's Day themed Kids Suite in the Swissotel.
When we arrived at the hotel we were greeted with a special scavenger hunt set up by leprechaun Lucky O’Doodles. The moment we stepped out of our car we received gold coins and followed a path all the way to our room. When we entered the space, I blacked out with excitement. It looked like a rainbow had exploded! The Kids Suite was set up with games, special treats and rainbow installations from Paris 312 – it looked like an absolutely dream. Little did we know, the fun had just begun. What we encountered next in the kitchen was simply magical.
A tent at the Swissotel for Glitter and Bubbles. Cake Pops at the Swissotel. Zelda of Glitter and Bubbles plays with her friend in the Kids Suite at the Swissotel. St. Patrick's Day accessories at the Swissotel Kids Suite with Glitter and Bubbles. The Swissotel welcomes Zelda of Glitter and Bubbles to St. Patrick's Day.
This obviously was not our first visit to the Swissôtel, but it was our first Private Dining Experience at the chef’s table! And not shockingly, the Private Dining Experience was exceptional. We were escorted into a room in the middle of the kitchen with windows all around, which gave us a full view of the meal prep. One wall housed a giant flatscreen TV with a live overhead feed of the kitchen, which gave us a close look at the plating of our food.
Meeting the chef at the Swissotel in the kitchen.
The Private Dining Experience at the Swissotel for St. Patrick's Day.Swissotel St. Patrick's Day margaritas.
Chef Dan McGee put together a custom menu for Zelda and myself, along with a few of our closest friends, to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day a bit early since we’re heading to Punta Cana over the actual holiday! He created the perfect take on an Irish themed three course menu. There were tried and true favorites, like corned beef with cabbage, as well as fish and chips.
Delicious appetizers for Glitter and Bubbles at the Swissotel. Cheese appetizers in the Kids Suite at the Swissotel. Salmon sandwiches at a private dinner at the Swissotel.
We even tried some new dishes too like roasted beet tartare with Irish goat cheese, salmon terrine and an insanely delicious (and beautiful) potato soup, which were were hits all around. And just to be safe, there was plenty of pizza and French fries for the kids! We finished the meal with meringue topped with bananas, caramel, whipped cream and chocolate, which Zelda loved!
A delicious meal at the Swissotel Chicago by Glitter and Bubbles. A St. Patrick's Day meal at the Swissotel.
While our menu was perfect for St. Patrick’s Day, if you book the private dining Chef Dan will create a custom menu for you and up to nine other guests. Pricing begins at $150 per person (not including wine) and if you would like wine pairings, they can accommodate you for an additional cost.
A dinner with friends at the Swissotel in Chicago for Glitter and Bubbles. A private dining experience at the Swissotel in Chicago for Glitter and Bubbles. Balloons by 312 Paris for Zelda of Glitter and Bubbles on St. Patrick's Day.Goodnight Zelda at the Swissotel.
If you’re looking to create a special evening for a going away party, birthday party, anniversary or even just because, this is the way to do it. Sometimes those no reason special occasions are where you create the best memories. As you can see from the picture below, after dinner we went back to our room and had a ton of fun. I know it looks a little bit like The Hangover 4 (and it kind of felt like it) but don’t worry! We didn’t leave the room disheveled. I’m not that type of person! I always pick up for housekeeping and feel the need to disclose this information because I swear I’m not a total savage.
The morning after at the Swissotel Chicago.