This might be one of the most adorable desserts on the planet. Just in case that doesn’t get you excited enough, I have more good news — anyone can make this, it’s that easy! What do you need to make these charming treats? Mini Nilla wafers, bananas, sprinkles, and peanut butter. sprinkle nilla sandwich Using a knife, spread peanut butter onto the bottom of two mini Nilla wafers. sprinkle sandwich with peanut butterPlace one banana slice between the two wafers. The peanut butter will help hold the banana in place. Next, roll the banana sides through the sprinkles (as if the banana was a wheel). Repeat until  you have the desired amount of treats. Voila! You have just created the world’s cutest (and simplest) dessert ever! sprinkle nilla sandwich dessert Now let’s look at things that make serving dessert even prettier!