Zelda is growing up (sniff, sniff) and recently attended her first theater show at Chicago Children’s Theater. Didn’t you attend the theatre at 18 months!? *Lol*  This “big girl” adventure marked a first in her baby book (ok, I don’t have one but it would if I did!) and there was absolutely no better place for this momentous occasion.  The theater is incredibly kid-friendly and let’s face it, you don’t exactly think of going to the theater with a toddler.  But we ventured out to see their highly anticipated show “Snowflake” and were pleasantly surprised to discover just how easy this new adventure could be!
The 45-minute show was funny, smart compassionate and geared towards all ages which is a huge plus since activities at Zelda’s age are harder to find. The main and only  character is incredibly dynamic which kept her attention and the easy going theater was filled with laughter (and nothing beats the giggles in a room full of littles having fun!). The show also delivered a valuable lesson on taking time to get to know someone and recognizing charm and value in qualities that many times are overlooked in our fast material driven lives. Come on…how can you possibly beat a show that makes your little one laugh hysterically while teaching them a valuable life lesson!
Two thumbs up (well, 4 thumbs if you include my new theater loving toddler!).
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