I am so amazed by this simple DIY! The chalk was so vibrant (it actually kept its color when I wrote with it) and it was super smooth to write with. I will never buy sidewalk chalk at the store again! To make this you need cardboard tubes from paper towel or toilet paper, scissors, freezer paper, duct tape, plastic containers (1 quart), water, a mixing spoon, Tempera paint, a rubber spatula, a baking sheet, and Plaster of Paris. IMG_2565 Once you have gathered your supplies, cut the cardboard paper towel tube in half (you do not need to cut a toilet paper tube). IMG_2573 Seal the bottom of the tube with duct tape. IMG_2580 Cut the freezer paper into 6×6 inch squares and line each cardboard tube with one piece. IMG_2582IMG_2585 Mix one cup of water with 2 tablespoons of your desired paint color. Add 1 cup Plaster of Paris (mix slowly as you are adding). This will make one stick of chalk. IMG_2598IMG_2604 Using a rubber spatula, add the mixture into each cardboard tube. IMG_2606 After 2 hours have passed, remove the duct tape from the bottom of the tube. Next, begin to peel away the cardboard. Lastly, remove the freezer paper. Place the chalk on a cookie sheet for 24 hours to let it dry completely. IMG_2622 Go outside and draw with your new sidewalk chalk! IMG_2843Get your¬†supplies: