Saying goodbye to summer is never easy, but saying hello to my favorite fall shoes is! At this time of the year I’m starting to store away my summer shoes and replace them with my fall favorites including boots, heels, and more. As I took a peek into my closet, I realized my shoes were taking a serious beating but were still capable of years of wear ahead. That only meant one thing: time for some shoe sole-lifts.
Lugging all my shoes from cobbler to cobbler for quote after quote is something I realistically didn’t have time for; I mean who does? Enter Shoe Drop, a modern shoe repair app company that saved ALL of my shoes that were in need of drastic repairs. With only my phone, I was able to get all of my shoes revamped at great prices in only a few days—total win!

  1. Select one of their locations across Chicago to drop off your shoes. They have 100+ locations in the city—so convenient.
  2. Then, use the app to give them a run down about what you need done to your shoes.
  3. Finalize the drop by bringing your shoes to the location and in 1-3 days (SO fast) they will notify you that your shoes are ready for pick-up!

My Louboutin boots from last year were clearly not stored correctly. Shoe Drop was able to recover my soles ($40) and heels ($35) with a total cost of $75. In addition, they gave my boots an amazing clean, which is complimentary with every repair.
My favorite boots had come undone. A simple regluing of the soles and platforms had them brand new all over again for only $45.
Sometimes a great pair of shoes just needs a great cleaning service. I wore these Eileen Fisher boots so many times that the color began to fade. With a restorative shoe clean for $35, they look brand new.
Valentino-Sandals TanWCIU_ShoeDrop_ValentinoHeels
Every time I wear my Valentino’s, the heel tips face the brunt of the damage and get caught in grates or scuffed from the sidewalk. A new heel tip ($15) instantly refreshed the entire look of the shoe. After adding sole guards ($40), refreshing this pair cost $90.
This summer my beloved Valentino sandals really took a beating! I seemed have the most wear in the toe (the most awkward spot) and the soles. Shoe Drop redrafted the toes ($80), added custom insoles ($25) and a sole guard ($40) with a final cost at a total of $145.
Pounding the pavement everyday had worn through these soles. Shoe Drop was able to give these shoes a full resole ($90), which will not only get us through an entire season, but also add on a mileage for years to come.
Maintaining your soles is always important. A minor resole with sole guards ($40) was all these shoes needed to get them back in business!