Ok moms, let’s have a moment and just be truthful with one another, deep down we all share the dream of having the best dressed baby on the block! Now as I am sure you have quickly learned, because I know that I did, it can be alarming how expensive some of the great pieces can be and heartbreaking at how quickly they outgrow their wardrobe overnight! In an effort to be smart with what I purchase for Zelda, but not sacrifice her insane style she has taken on in her short 6 months (watch out Blue Ivy), I am excited at the new tricks I have learned when shopping for her.
1.When something is on sale don’t purchase it so it will fit them now. If they are wearing 6 months you know it’s only a moment’s time before they will be wearing 9-12 months. This will give you something to look forward to in the closet and you will get more wear out of the item. It’s fine to put something a bit big on your little one but NOT too small!
2. Get smart with your sale shopping! Most retail stores have a pattern of markdowns that you will learn if you frequent their site. Personally I never pay full price for Gap or Carter’s unless I am having a MUST HAVE IT NOW moment!
3. Stock up on basics when they are on sale. There are certain pieces that you know will always be living in their closet — denim, white tee’s etc. Right now is a great time to start buying those pieces that are on sale from winter but perfect for spring! There are a ton of sweaters, denim, and dresses that can easily be worn transitioning into the spring season. Why pay full price when you have the choice not to?! I curated a list of my favorite girls and boys pieces that I found during my weekly sweep.
What are your favorite tips to score a deal for your little one?
Shop Girls:
1. Ombre Pants / 2. Shoes / 3. Cardigan / 4. Dress / 5. Seal Jumpsuit / 6. Book / 7. Dress / 8. Bathing Suit / 9. Bear / 10. Dog / 11. Top

Shop Boys:
1. Blanket / 2. Hat / 3. Sweater & Pants Set / 4. Plaid Shirt / 5. Swim Trunks / 6. Pajama Romper / 7. Snowsuit / 8. Plush Dog / 9. Hoodie / 10. Socks / 11. Hat / 12. Building Blocks