With a 9 hour road trip home for Christmas just around the corner, I’ve been putting together my essentials for Zelda in the car. It’s extremely important that what I need is accessible and well organized. The easier the better! You don’t want to end up bringing a ton of stuff that you don’t need. The carload should be simple and it should remain clean (as much as it can) for the best possible trip home.


1 & 2. Peek Bright Tee & Splendid Jeans: This is Zelda’s ideal travel outfit. Remember that when you’re in the car you want to be dressed comfortably and the same goes for your little ones!

3. Ella’s Kitchen Purees: I just recently started feeding these to Zelda and she loves them! They make an awesome snack and have an easy close top. This is an ideal food for travel because they are disposable. You don’t want to find yourself stuck in a car full of dirty dishes.

4. Organic Wooden Teether: This all natural teether keeps Zelda entertained, she loves the crinkle ears.

5. Merry Christmas Book: When traveling you want small, easy to pack books. This one is just the right size and comes with many different textures inside for Zelda to touch.

6 & 7. Dr. Brown’s & Medela Bottles: Normally we’re a huge fan of Dr. Brown’s bottles! However, when traveling Medela is much easier to use because it doesn’t have all of the parts and they are super easy to clean.

8. Loopy Organic Rattle Holder: Remember that organic wooden teether I was discussing earlier? Well I don’t want to constantly be turning around in my seat to pick it up off the floor. Enter organic rattle holder. This soft life-saver attaches onto the teether and also attaches to Zelda’s wrist. This way she can never lose her toy!

9. Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes: Zelda loves the interactive quality of this toy and I love that the music can play without being too loud (that way you don’t want to throw it out the window 10 minutes into the trip!).

10. Dr. Brown’s Bottle & Pacifier Wipes: Just wipe down your bottles with these great wipes to clean them! This way you won’t have to worry about doing any dishes at a rest stop.

11. The Honest Company Diapers: Because you’re not going very far without diapers…

12. Baby Jack Blanket: This blanket is small so it’s super easy to pack. I also love that it can hook to the car seat so that it won’t fall on the floor.

13. St. Anne’s Diaper Bag: This is the perfect bag for the car. It opens at the top so that everything inside the bag is visible. It has awesome pockets throughout the interior so everything is easy to organize and you don’t have to do any digging when you need something.

14. Bibsters: This is another great disposable item for the car! You can just toss these into the garbage at a rest stop so that you’re not compiling laundry as you travel.

15. Little Pig Book: You’re going to need more than one book when traveling. Zelda loves the interactive quality of the little pig and it’s super small and easy to travel with. You don’t want to bring books that will weigh your bag down.

Am I missing something on my list that you swear by? I want to know! Tell me by commenting below.