Kacey Bruno is the Director of Public Relations for Montage Laguna Beach and Montage Beverly Hills, two top-tier hotels in California. She also plays mom to two adorable (and energetic) boys that keep her on her toes!
How many children do you have? What inspired their names?
I have two boys, Roman and Dominic. Roman is 3 1/2 and Dom is 1 1/2. My husband is Italian and we knew we wanted Italian names for our children. My sister is a teacher and had a little boy named Roman in her class many years ago and I just fell in love with the name. When we found out we were having our second son, we needed another strong Italian name but wanted one that wasn’t too trendy. Dominic is also a family name on my husband’s side and we thought it sounded great with Roman. Both of them fit their names perfectly.
What’s your favorite way to spend time with your family?
We love going to the park by our house. The boys have a ride-on Escalade that they drive down to the park and throughout the neighborhood. Living in Orange County we also spend a lot of time at the beach together.
Are there any children’s brands you find yourself buying over and over again?
My go to brands for my boys are Gap Kids, Crewcuts, Zara, Janie and Jack and Burberry Kids. Roman is in the current holiday campaign for Janie and Jack, looking so handsome in a grey wool suit!
How has motherhood affected your personal style?
I think my style has matured since I have had children. I try to find pieces that I can mix into my work attire and also wear on the weekends with the family. I love my new headband turban I just purchased at Satine in LA. That is a great weekend addition to a casual weekend look that gives it a bit of personality.
What is your favorite thing about being a mom?
There is so much to love about being a mom. Living through your children and enjoying every moment with them is truly amazing. They can find magic in simple things that we as adults overlook every day. I love coming home to my boys after being at the office all day. I look forward to their huge hugs and when Roman tells me how much he missed me during the day.
What’s the hardest thing about being a mom?
Remaining calm. For me it is one of the biggest challenges of being a parent. All moms have days when everything goes wrong. Oatmeal flying across the table and landing in my freshly blown out hair, broken glass, a massive diaper explosion when you realize you have been putting diapers into the diaper pail without a liner! Remaining calm and taking a deep breath is key.
Has your beauty routine changed at all since you’ve had kids?
Yes it sure has! It takes a lot more planning now for what I call “maintenance.” I try to get facials every two months and if I can go to Spa Montage every quarter I am in heaven. The best facial is the Elements of Wellness facial at the resort in Laguna Beach. It ends with reflexology and is unlike any facial I have ever experienced. I stick with my beauty staples which I have used for years. La Mer moisturizing cream and serums, Cle de Peau eye concealer, Giorgio Armani  Maestro foundation and Laura Mercier bronzer.
What have you learned from your kids?
To enjoy simple pleasures, making forts in the playroom, playing trucks in the dirt and watching the garbage truck drive by. Our house stops when it is Tuesday and the trash is picked up. We go out and wave to the garbage man. The boys are hilarious and just love it.
What is your favorite, easy, go-to recipe that your kids love?
Definitely, Veggie Lasagna Roll-Ups! They are so easy to make (and filling) and the kids love them.
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