We kicked off 2016 with Brooke Webb’s Mini Pizza Bagels, and ever since then our Rad Moms have been spoiling us with a collection of mouthwatering recipes. From Andrea Duclos’ Vegan Mac ‘N Cheese to Elizabeth Gormely’s sinfully sweet Cake Pops, we’ve received recipes from both ends of the spectrum and have enjoyed every single one down to the last bite! Our Rad Moms of 2017 have some big shoes to fill, but something tells me it can only get better and better. Did you make any Rad Mom recipes? Which was your favorite? Tell us in the comments below.

MAKE Homemade Microwave Popcorn, Jordan Reid

A delicious recipe for spicy salmon.

MAKE Spicy Salmon, Natalie Glusman

An easy recipe for pumpkin bread.

MAKE Pumpkin Bread, Charlotte Betts

An easy recipe for a yummy cobb salad burger.

MAKE Cobb Salad Slider Burger, Erica Eckman

A dessert recipe for Piñata Cupcakes.

MAKE Piñata Cupcakes, Sugarwish Moms

A dessert recipe for Snickers Bite cookies.

MAKE Snickers Bite Cookies, Ashley Glass

A no bake dessert recipe for cake pops.

MAKE Cake Pops, Elizabeth Gormely

A healthy recipe for granola with Michigan cherries on top.

MAKE Homemade Granola with Cherries on Top, Lauren Lichtenstein

A dessert recipe for Blueberry Yogurt Cake.

MAKE French Yogurt Cake, Betsy Crozier

A party appetizer recipe for Mini Pizza Bagels.

MAKE Mini Pizza Bagels, Brooke Webb

A breakfast recipe for banana crepes with Nutella.

MAKE Banana Crêpe Bites, Rosie Pope

A dessert recipe for Rainbow Swirl Cake.

MAKE Rainbow Swirl Cake, Irina Ovrutsky

A delicious recipe for creamy vegan mac 'n cheese.

MAKE Vegan Mac ‘N Cheese, Andrea Duclos

A healthy recipe for blueberry protein donuts.

MAKE Blueberry Protein Donuts, Jessica Hughes

An easy dessert recipe for gluten free chocolate chip cookies.

MAKE Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies, Sierra Stillman

A dessert recipe for cranberry cheesecake.

MAKE Cranberry Cheesecake, Anissa Zajac

A snack recipe for energy bites.

MAKE Energy Bites, Janet Mandell

A dessert recipe for kitty cat butter cookies.

MAKE Kitty Cat Butter Cookies, Ola Omami