Three Things I’ve Learned in the First 72 Hours
1. Public restrooms are terrifying – hey, they scare me too. Get yourself a portable potty, something that you can easily travel with on the go so it doesn’t disrupt the hard work you’ve put in.
2. Don’t ask your child if they would like to go to the bathroom. Instead, tell them it’s time to go. You don’t want them to get in the habit of saying no to the act. Make it fun and exciting, get them pumped up and say, “Hey let’s go!”
3. Put a fitted rubber sheet on any bed that your child might sit on during the training process.

Potty training is officially underway in our household! A few months ago, we took a stab at it and then quickly realized Zelda wasn’t ready. It’s one of those milestones that there can be a lot of pressure around. Just because it’s happening for other children around you, doesn’t mean it’s time for your child. My whole mantra around parenting has been we’ll tackle things as Zelda is ready. I try not to keep up with the Joneses and do what everyone else is doing. We move at our own pace. Just like with adults, kids aren’t going to be ready until they are ready.
Recently, Zelda’s best friend Charlotte was potty trained. I think this really lit a fire under Zelda and was the motivation she needed to take on the potty herself. Over the weekend Zelda came to me, looked me right in the eyes and said, “I’ve got to pee.” I walked her over to the potty chair, set it down anxiously and took off her diaper. Once she sat down I made that familiar “pssssss” noise, which was quickly followed by the noise of an actual tinkle from Zelda. I was elated, my girl went to the potty! Once she broke the ice it became super exciting for her and she started viewing it as a game. I quickly realized we needed more equipment. I had only purchased her a potty chair – which is great, but it’s not exactly mobile. Thank goodness for Amazon Prime, I was able to order a portable potty chair for our first outing. As many of you have probably experienced, public restrooms are terrifying and I really don’t want my toddler sitting on that toilet.
We are on day three and have had a couple of accidents, including one in my bed. After that happened I quickly ordered a rubber lined fitted sheet (you learn as you go) and ever since then we’ve been killing it. I’ve learned not to ask her if she wants to go. As a two-and-a-half-year-old the answer to almost everything is “no” and I don’t want to create a negative connotation around going to the bathroom. I tell her when it’s time to go. I lead her to the potty and say, “Hey, Zelda. Let’s go to the potty!” This makes it more exciting for her. I also recently learned that I need to remove the word “potty” from my vocabulary when addressing the situation. When I ask her to go to the potty she thinks it only means she can go number one. Today I’ve started asking her to go to the bathroom to see if we can tackle number two. It hasn’t happened yet, but I’ll keep you guys posted on our progress.
We’re three days in and I’ve linked our favorite training products below. While it’s definitely Zelda’s time to learn, don’t let other people pressure you into thinking it’s time for your child. Zelda will be three at the end of July and we still co-sleep and Zelda loves her paci. Do what works for you and when your child is ready to go they will.
Tips for potty training your child.

Our Potty Training Arsenal 

Egg Potty Chair This chair is amazing because it’s lightweight, sturdy and comfortable. It’s easy for her to grab and move into another room — I let my girl use the restroom wherever she is comfortable.

Travel Potty This potty allows us to be mobile so we don’t lose all the hard work we’ve put in when we are out and about!

Next Step Toilet Seat We installed these on all the toilets in our home, they have built in potty seats which make it simple to convert the toilet so it’s easy for her to use.

Potty Training Pants I gave Zelda full control of selecting the design of her potty training pants so she would be excited to wear them. I don’t allow her to purchase a ton of attire adorned with cartoon characters, so when she was allowed to select Minnie Mouse she was SUPER excited! *Just make sure your potty training pants have the extra padding or you will be dealing with a HUGE mess!