I discover (and get sent) so many cool things on a weekly basis. While I try to share them on my social media, sometimes things get lost in the shuffle so I’ve resolved to share the top five things I’m crushing on each month! What cool things make your world go ‘round?
Five things Corri is crushing on right now. From leather bomber jackets to waterproof shoes.
One Part Plant: Congratulations to hometown native and Rad Mom, Jessica Murnane on the release of her new cookbook, One Part Plant! This is the most beautiful guide and the thing I love most is that it’s not pretentious or intimidating. She provides you with the tools and support to get started on your plant-based meals journey. I really want to improve my skills (and eating habits) but find taking the time to do so is difficult. This book is a major motivator for me and I’m so excited to go on my One Part Plant journey. I know I need to get my family to eat healthier. We indulge in processed food way more than we should and this is the encouragement I needed to clean up our pantry!
LTS Naplon Bomber: We all love spring and more than spring, we love spring fashion. I think we can all agree that we are itching to wear something chic, flirty and fun when we come out of that tundra harsh weather. This LTS bomber jacket is easy to wear, lightweight, has a chic silhouette, and is still heavy enough for those cooler days. It’s an awesome transition piece will last for seasons to come.
GB Pockit Stroller: I love to travel with Zelda but she is in a phase where she’s not always cool with riding in the stroller. If you’ve tried it, you already know that holding a two-and-a-half-year old’s hand while pushing a large stroller is pretty much impossible. With our travel schedule, it became super important to find something that was easy to push through the airport, was simple to break down and didn’t need to be checked with our luggage. There’s always a risk that it could get damaged or lost, and I just feel better knowing I’m exiting the plane with my stroller.
I found the GB Pockit Stroller and it is the coolest gadget. It’s a little pricey ($249), but definitely worth the investment. It’s really light weight and it breaks down so small that you can fit it into a tote on your shoulder — no joke. On our most recent trip to Jamaica an older man approached me and asked where I purchased it. I thought it was a little odd he was interested in strollers but then he told me he sells kid’s gadgets for a living and that he had never seen a cooler stroller. I thought that was an awesome stamp of validation. It is definitely in my top three things you must buy if you have a child.
Parent Prayers: There is no wrong way to pray but I knew when it came to praying for Zelda I wanted to do something different. I wanted to pray on specific topics and I found myself needing some guidance. I found Parent Prayers on Instagram and it is such a worthwhile resource because they provide a daily prayer topic and it’s a friendly reminder to pray. So if I have a chaotic morning or evening and I forget to pray (but somehow find time to scroll through my Instagram feed) it’s a nice little reminder to take that moment for myself and for my child to pray for her.
BluKicks Slip Ons: I am not one to invest in tennis shoes unless they are designer and pair well with cropped denim. However, last year when we traveled to Jamaica I remembered that I wished I owned a tennis shoe that could get wet. This year on our trip, the solution was BluKicks. I wore them to Dunn’s River Falls (definitely check out these waterfalls if you visit Jamaica) and they were so great. They’re super lightweight, chic and most importantly, waterproof! I highly recommend them for active moms, they also make them for the whole family and are good to have on hand.


Jessica Murnane: One Part Plant // Long Tall Sally: Naplon Bomber Jacket

GB: Pockit Stroller // Instagram: Parent Prayers // BluKicks: Slip Ons