Feeling a little bit of  candy overload from Valentine’s? When we came across these pinwheels for only a $1.50 we couldn’t believe the price and knew these would be the MOST fun Valentine any little has ever received! While pinwheels may be a little old school (not that old!) we can definitely see the positives of handing out fun toys to fellow littles rather than loads of sugar.

With only 5 materials you can make these adorable pinwheels too! We’re still obsessing how cute these are and can’t wait to hit the town on V-Day with a spinning pinwheel in hand!pinwheelsMATERIALS

Flat Heart Cards 


Hole Punch or Scissors


Metallic or White Marker pinwheel-supplies1. Start by laying your pinwheels on a flat surface– this will make them much easier to work with! Then, decide where on your  heart cards you want the holes to be placed  in order to slide your pinwheel through.

2. After you have decided where you would like the pinwheel to slide into your card, mark the destination with a pencil, and then using a hole punch or scissors, make a hole where you left your mark.

3. Then, slide in your pinwheel. Start by inserting the pinwheel from the top front and pushing it through to the next hole. When the bottom of the pinwheel reaches that hole, push it back through the front. Now you have a heart pinwheel!

4. Using a metallic or white marker, write messages or names on your Valentines!make-pinwheelszelda-pinwheel-valentine