When you’re at a party there is nothing more uncomfortable than trying to eat an appetizer that is awkwardly assembled. That’s why I love serving Pesto Pasta Kebabs when I’m having a soirée — they are delicious and easy to eat. To make these delectable bites you need skewer sticks (cut in half), cherry tomatoes, salt, pesto, mozzarella pearls, and Abe’s Market shells whole grain pasta (it’s egg free, organic, kosher, and vegan!).
Begin by cooking the pasta according to the directions on the box. Remove from the heat and allow the pasta to cool. In the meantime, cut the cherry tomatoes in half and season them with salt to taste; set aside.
Pour the pesto into a large bowl. Place the pasta shells and the mozzarella pearls into the pesto, making sure that everything is submerged.
Next, place half a tomato onto a skewer stick, followed by a mozzarella pearl, and then a pasta shell. Repeat this process until you run out of space on the skewer stick. Continue doing this until you have the desired number of skewer sticks. Serve to guests at your next get together!
Recipe courtesy of Martha Stewart.