It’s now officially acceptable to begin decorating for fall! I personally love all of the different types of gourds that come with the season, but I wanted a way to dress them up that wasn’t too time consuming. So I decided to spray paint a handful of them in pastel shades! Pastel-Pumpkins



 Assortment of pumpkins and gourds

 Spray paint, as many colors as you like

 Surface to spray on, such as an old cardboard box

 Face mask



  1. 1. You’ll want to set up your workspace in a well ventilated outdoor area. An old cardboard box is a great surface to spray on, just break it down and open it up.
  1. 2. Place the gourd on the surface, and put on your face mask. Choose your first color and spray a thin coat of paint onto the gourd. Make sure you’re not spraying too closely to the gourd, that will make the paint go on thick and cakey, something we don’t want. It makes the paint prone to peeling.
  1. 3. Once that side of the gourd is dry, gently flip the gourd over to the unsprayed side. You can use gloves for this step it you want in case it’s not as dry as you thought. Repeat until your gourd has the amount of coverage you want.
  1. 4. Repeat steps two and three until you’ve finished all your gourds.

5. Display them for all to see!